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  1. George Soros: A psychopaths Psychopath
  2. The Truth about Japan
  3. Catholics argue that its okay to vote for Sanders
  4. Bernie Sanders Won N.H. Wrong Hillary did
  5. UK Labour Party set for major losses in the 2016 elections
  6. Trump: Europe headed for "collapse" from migrant crisis
  7. Some Thoughts on the Iowa Caucus
  8. What Putin Can Teach Trump
  9. Trump in Narnia
  10. Donald and the two thousand.
  11. The Truth about Iran
  12. Putin Trump Hillary Iran Sanctions
  13. What To Expect In 2016
  14. 20 dead, 200 hospitalized in Ukraine
  15. This is the End Game against White, Western, European, Christian
  16. Affordable Plumbing Act
  17. Congress is writing the President a Blank Check for War
  18. The Rejection Election
  19. Catholics in the American Political Pocess
  20. Donald Trump on building culture of life
  21. Martin Luther King
  22. False Flag Alert ! Covert Terrorist Invasion Under Way
  23. Merkels Jews Push Mass Migration
  24. VII and Ecumenical councils
  25. Hillarys Seven Sleazy Zionist Top Campaign Donors
  26. Obama Rebrands Gun Control
  27. Fox news
  28. Ted Cruz
  29. Was Diem good?
  30. How Putin Celebrates Christmas
  31. Poland Rises Against Islam - Fr.Miedlar addresses the March For Independenc
  32. Trump Takes The Kosher Seal
  33. Why not Senator Rubio?
  34. Putins State Of The Nation Address
  35. Why Jews Love Hillary
  36. Paris A Hoax?
  37. Hidden, Subtle Underclass Coddling
  38. Why dont suicide terrorists attack politicians anymore ?
  39. Impeach Obama
  40. Lawsuit against Catholic teaching
  41. Putin s No-Fly Foils Jewmerica
  42. The Donald will host Saturday Night Live Nov. 7th
  43. GOP Warmongers Shill For "Israel"
  44. Communist Government Plans Attack on People
  45. Community College Roseburg Oregon Shooting false flag?
  46. Putins Advice to All Americanss
  47. Sacred Heart Badge
  48. House votes to defund Planned Parenthood
  49. Not your typical pol!
  50. Impending Clampdown on Internet Discourse