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  1. Trump Has 30 Days to Act ~ Dr. Dave Janda
  2. What will happen when Whites are a minority
  3. Ten Reasons Why Governments Fail
  4. The Trump Regime Secretly Indicts Assange for the Crime of Truth-Telling
  5. Method in Madness, Review of Michael Rentenwald's Springtime for Snowflakes
  6. What will happen to address Voter Fraud
  7. Democrats Will Cheat To Try To Win 2018 Midterms – Eric Eggers
  8. Obama treated journalists far worse than Trump
  9. Communist State of California - Voter Fraud, Crime, High Taxes
  10. Deportation Tracking
  11. Veterans Day 2018
  12. Is the U.S. Poised to Repeat the Russian Civil War 100 Years Latter
  13. Arizona flips Senate seat - votes out of nowhere propel Sinema to victory
  14. Justice Ginsburg fakes injury to avoid Celebration for Kavanaugh
  15. Judaized Kosher Wrapped Illinois G.O.P. Goes Ballistic
  16. Midterms Shows Massive Pro Israel Influence
  17. X22 Report Episode 1710 On the Elections
  18. Brazil Elects Far-Right Authoritarian Jair Bolsonaro As President
  19. The Truth about the Caravan
  20. The Democrats never-ending meltdown
  21. Angela Merkel steps down as part leader won't run in 2021
  22. Witches incantation against Kavenaugh
  23. Porn in the Government workplaces - Nothing done
  24. Fake Bombs: Fake News Attack Trump and Republicans
  25. Florida seen as place of interest in bomb mailings
  26. Clear Example of Voting Fraud By Democrats in Texas
  27. Senator Graham will continue to drain the swamp!
  28. Elizabeth Warren - Pocahontas - she is ridiculous!
  29. Renew America and Religious Liberty
  30. great jobs vs. mobs video to forward to friends and family BEFORE they vote
  31. Trump's Top 10 Pro-Life Accomplishments
  32. Trump @War Movie
  33. Ocasio-Cortez: There's no debate that fossil fuel production should stop
  34. Will Anti-Trump Forces Escalate to Maiden Square-Style Violence?
  35. Taylor Swift comes out against Blackburn - Blackburn up 14 pts in polls!
  36. The Left is trying to gaslight us
  37. Podcast: What the radical leftists Plan after the Mid-Term Elections
  38. Political humor
  39. U.S. embassy already relocating to Jerusalem! 58 dead, 2700 injured!
  40. Australians - Following in the steps of Trump?
  41. Google "The Good Censor"
  42. Kavanaugh confirmed!
  43. Is there a list?
  44. How long will crucifix remain
  45. Chaos is the Democrats strategy - they showed their hand - prepare!
  46. The years have NOT been kind to Christine Blasey-Ford
  47. 10 things Dems will take away if they win in November
  48. Brett Kavanaugh's Stunning Speech
  49. the recent Presidential Alert
  50. Did Dr. Ford commit perjury?