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  1. The USA is gone
  2. Obama hates Israel!
  3. A Just War
  4. Mayor of South Bend, IN "comes out" as a Sodomite
  5. Trump for President
  6. The Pope Francis "angel of peace" bronze medallion
  7. Why Piglary Could Win
  8. Good news from Peru
  9. Lindsey Graham
  10. Washington Coming To Its Senses? (No)
  11. Hilary Clinton: "Deep-Seated.. Religious Beliefs..Have To Be Changed"
  12. March for Marriage 2015 Washington, DC
  13. The USA wont help countries where sodomy is illegal
  14. Whoremonger Menendez Nailed !
  15. UK Green Party Candidate Speaks Out Against Israel
  16. Russia Bans Internet Porn
  17. Bad Start With Hillary
  18. Hillary Clinton Announces 2016 Presidential Bid
  19. Obama attacks Christians
  20. Pervert Marriage Or States Rights?
  21. Obama and Ireland
  22. Bin Laden Dead
  23. Obama at the prayer breakfast
  24. Bibi Comes To Capital Hill
  25. Why Putin Will Prevail Over Jewmerica
  26. Its bad in Kiev. But what about venezuala
  27. Putin makes Solzhenitsyns anti-Marxist anti-Soviet works
  28. What is Terrorism?
  29. Catholic State Punishing Sin?
  30. Song: Abraham, Martin John
  31. Bill Clinton a pedophile
  32. President Atetnds Christmas Mass
  33. Marine Le Pen, Patriot Extraordinaire
  34. Putin Admits Soviet Government Was Mostly Jewish
  35. Shamelessness of Protestants
  36. World Leaders Care Little to Nothing about Ideology Anymore
  37. Putin And MedvedevIn Sync!
  38. Obama claims sensibilities can be offended
  39. Obama releases 3 Cuban spies
  40. Return Of The Jewish Neocons
  41. Putins A Game Changer!
  42. Putins Or Jewmericas Plan For Ukraine
  43. The Difference Between Putin Obama
  44. Social reign of Christ our King
  45. ISIS fighters afraid of losing "72 virgins"?
  46. While Hitler Turned to the Pope, Churchill Turned to Stalin
  47. Sweden to become a third world country by 2030
  48. US hegemony and the reaction of the rest of the world
  49. Obama a Psycho over Ebola says Trump
  50. Putin Cancer?