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Traditional Catholic Faith

General Discussion

Chat with like-minded Catholics about anything. Member introductions, Catholic and world news, current events, jokes, and light conversation on any topic (especially topics unrelated to traditional Catholicism).

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by Matthew
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on June 06, 2023, 09:41:56 AM

SSPX Resistance News

News on the softening of the SSPX (FSSPX, Society of St. Pius X) towards Novus Ordo, modernist Rome, Vatican II. Archbishop Lefebvre, Bishops +Williamson, +Faure, +Thomas Aquinas, +Zendejas, +Fellay, faithful priests, departures, SSPX Resistance news, etc.

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by ElwinRansom1970
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on Today at 06:00:14 AM

The Library

NO DISCUSSIONS ALLOWED HERE! Please post timeless documents, Catholic or secular, that have enduring importance as a reference. No news, time-sensitive material, or discussions allowed here. All posts here will/should be locked by the moderator.

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by rum
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on June 04, 2023, 12:36:02 AM

Catholic Living in the Modern World

Traditional Catholics strive for sanctity in their daily lives. News, practical advice and discussions of morality, sin, perfection. How Catholic men and women cope with living in a post-Christian, neo-pagan world.

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by Sylvanus Rinaldo
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on Today at 10:59:17 AM

Health and Nutrition

Discuss food, health, nutrition, as well as disease prevention. Any news or discussion of health related topics belongs here.

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by Cera
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on Today at 11:49:56 AM

The Sacred: Catholic Liturgy, Chant, Prayers

Anything pertaining to the Catholic Faith can be posted here: the Traditional Latin Mass (TLM), Tridentine Liturgy, Sacraments, Gregorian chant, traditional hymns and prayers. Prayer requests can also be made here.

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by magdalena
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on Today at 09:11:16 AM

Computers, Technology, Websites

Computers, tablets, gadgets -- and other websites. Some Traditional Catholics are really into them, even earning a living in this industry. Hey, it's a safe career for a Catholic! Discuss software news, hardware, technical questions, other websites, other Trad Catholic fora, etc.

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by Pax Vobis
Last postin Re: Gnosticism and The M...
on May 29, 2023, 10:35:03 AM

Art and Literature for Catholics

This is the forum for traditional Catholic artists, writers, poets, sculptors, painters, architects, singers, movie makers, etc. to discuss their trade! Also for Catholic discussion of art.

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by Simeon
Last postin Re: Ratton: Commentary O...
on Today at 12:46:27 PM

Fighting Errors in the Modern World

Catholics resisting errors, real cօռspιʀαcιҽs (Liberalism, Fɾeemαsσɳɾყ, ʝudɛօ-mαsσɳɾყ, cσmmυɳιsm, Modernism) and evil men who cσnspιre against mankind (Neo-cons, the ωнσ, ηєω ωσrℓ∂ σr∂єr, Big Phαrmα, Media, ɠƖobaƖısts, Båñkêrs, etc.)

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by Yeti
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on Today at 11:03:20 AM

Crisis in the Church

The crisis in the Catholic Church (since Vatican II): Discuss the Novus Ordo Mass, false ecumenism, modern apostasy, modern philosophy, New Theology, traditional movement, sedevacantism, SSPX, Indult, Bishop Williamson, etc.

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by SeanJohnson
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on Today at 12:28:07 PM

World War III - Chapter 2

Discuss Wσrld Wαr 3, currently in the "covert" stage. Russiα, Chınα, the USA and other countries are already αt ωαr, though it hasn't gone kınetıc yet. News of Irαn, the Mıddle Eαst, Irαq, Nσrth Kσreα, Syrıα, NÄT0, cувєr αttacks, EMP, fαℓѕє fℓαgs...

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by Ladislaus
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on Today at 01:42:40 AM

The Greater Depression - Chapter I

Discuss the Greater Depression (Second Great Depression), or the coming economιc collαpse. This includes economιc collαpse news, the bursting of the Housing Bubble, US Dollar collαpse, food shortαges, survιvαlism, etc.

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by Viva Cristo Rey
Last postin Re: Minnesota to Provide...
on Yesterday at 11:47:17 AM

Politics and World Leaders

Please post hot-button topics in Members Only! Any non-controversial, innocuous news or discussion about recent Presidents, polıtıcal pαrties, Ds, Rs, cσngress, senαte, ɛƖɛctıons, ɛƖɛctıon news, pαrty platforms, ıssues, or a famous leader in particular should go here. 

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by OABrownson1876
Last postin Orestes Brownson on Amer...
on Today at 10:08:39 AM

The Catholic Bunker

Traditional Catholic bunker - share personal anecdotes, news stories of economic hardship, survivαlist tips, rapid price increases, scarcity, outαges, ναndαlism, foreclosures, job losses, etc. We need to share valuable ιntel and info with our fellow Catholics!

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by SeanJohnson
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on June 06, 2023, 02:03:52 PM

Funny Stuff for Catholics

This is The Zoo. Waste some time watching silly antics and foolishness. When you need a diversion, something funny, something crazy worldlings and non-Catholics are doing out there, here is the place to get your fix. Any silly stuff, crazy news stories, jokes, anecdotes, etc. should also be posted here. Please try to keep it Catholic friendly.

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by rum
Last postin Re: Unfunny Stuff
on Today at 12:49:37 PM

Anσnymσus Posts Allowed

Members can post here αnσnумσυѕly for legitimate reasons. For first-hand chapel reports, ωнιѕтlєвlσωιng, sensitive/personal questions, and any other legitimate occasion for αnσnymıty. Abuse of this subforum (using αnσnymıty as a cloak for malice, to prevent downvotes, etc.) will be met with disciplinary action, including exposure of your screen name or being вαnned. If you want to post WITH your User Name, make sure to check the box next to "Post with your username? (NOT ÄN0NYM0US)".

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by Änσnymσus
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on Today at 12:44:51 PM

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