Author Topic: Texas & Mississippi Record Lows after Ditching Masks Mandates  (Read 95 times)

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  • Texas & Mississippi Record Lows After Ditching Masks Mandates

    Do you remember a few weeks ago when President Joe Bıdɛn criticized the states of Texas and Mississippi for lifting CÖVÌD-19 restrictions as ‘neanderthal thinking?’ Or when Dr. Anthony Fauci claimed it was ‘far too early’ for states to begin lifting mask-wearing orders and warned the nation about ‘new variants’ of the cσɾσnαvιɾυs? Well, it’s been about two weeks and these states have still not seen that ‘CÖVÌD-19 surge’ they were brutally warned about by the radical left. In fact, Texas is still seeing a downward trend in CÖVÌD-19 cases and hospitalization rates. How do you explain that one Fauci?
    The executive order in Texas to strip all CÖVÌD-19 restrictions was issued on March 2, when the state had 7,240 cases. It dropped by the week of March 10 to 5,350 cases and has been decreasing ever since.
    According to a report released from the Texas Department of State Health Services, the daily rates for new cases, fatalities reported, and current hospitalizations have dropped. On Thursday, March 18, there were 3,757 new cases reported, 198 fatalities, and 3,846 hospitalizations. By Wednesday, March 24, there were 2,758 new cases reported, 178 fatalities reported, and 3,461 current hospitalizations, with rates dropping each day.
    Monday, March 22, for another example, only reported 1,516 new cases, 65 fatalities, and 3,447 current hospitalizations. There are still 1,080 Intensive Care Unit beds available, as well as 12,280 open hospital beds. The positivity rate has also dropped to about 6.04%.
    Texas has also seen its economy expand at a rapid pace of 7.5% in the last quarter. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott tweeted that their Parkland Hospital in Dallas even closed CÖVÌD-19 units as patient numbers drop and pointed out the declining CÖVÌD-19 hospitalization rates.
    “Today Texas had the lowest reported CÖVÌD 7-day positivity rate in more than a year: 5.68% CÖVÌD hospitalizations went down again–to the lowest level in more than 5 months. ναccιnє supplies are increasing & all adult Texans are eligible to get them beginning Monday,” Gov. Abbott wrote on March 25.
    Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves also tweeted about their steadily declining cases, which have been similar to those in Texas. The state had a seven-day average of 582 cases on March 2, and two weeks later had a seven-day average of 289 cases.
    “Dear “Neanderthals,” three weeks ago our open state was attacked by the so-called expert in the Whιte House! But data doesn’t play politics: Average daily cases cut in half. Hospitalizations down 421 to 244. ICU beds down 109 to 67. Get a shot and live your life, Mississippi!” Gov. Reeves wrote.
    California and Florida, who’ve taken opposite approaches of handling the CÖVÌD-19 pandemic, even resulted in the same numbers for positive cases and hospitalizations. Indiana Gov. Holcomb also announced that the state’s mask mandates will officially expire in all counties on April 6th. They have recorded some of the lowest case numbers in over six months.
    Mask mandates and cσɾσnαvιɾυs case numbers have never been correlated, and even a year later, the science can’t back up that they were ever effective. But Dr. Fauci and the rest of the Dems will disagree. They call themselves the party that ‘follows the science’ but continue to do everything but that.

    Source: Political Deputy

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    Re: Texas & Mississippi Record Lows after Ditching Masks Mandates
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  • I believe masks make it WORSE, or in a best-case scenario do nothing at all. 

    But they dehumanize at the very least, so there is certainly a downside in all cases. They should be done away with COMPLETELY.
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