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Author Topic: Italy Fires it's Entire Vaccine Advisory Board  (Read 410 times)

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Italy Fires it's Entire Vaccine Advisory Board
« on: January 03, 2019, 03:34:31 PM »
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  • via: Abundant Hope

    By Jim Stone with comments by Ron
    Dec 29, 2018 – 7:43:56 PM

    Obviously the vaccines are not for the stated purpose. And if you want an example of snake speak, look at this report by Newsweek:
    “The vaccine-skeptic Italian government has sacked every member of the country’s health advisory board, raising fears that the populist administration will sideline accepted science and inflict long-lasting damage on public health.
    Health minister Giulia Grillo removed all 30 members of the Higher Health Council Monday, arguing it is time to “give space to the new, “ The Guardian reported.
    The council is the country’s most prominent body of technical-scientific experts, who advise the government on health policy.”
    This Newsweek report never mentions that in the VERY SHORT time after real people who were not eugenics plants and sell outs got put on Italy’s top advisory board, tests have already been run on the childhood vaccine – Infanrix Hexa that is supposed to contain the following antigens: tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis toxoids; inactivated poliomyelitis viral strains 1-2-3; and hepatitis B surface antigen AND FOUND NONE of these antigens in the vaccine, meaning, that NO antibodies for anything advertised on the label will be created. So what does the “vaccine” really do? Short answer:
    You can’t have what is on the label get in the way of a social engineering vaccine that specifically reduces intelligence and makes a drone, and often induces autism as a side effect, so it is best to just leave it out!
    Let’s dissect the slithering snake speak in that Newsweek report:
    “The vaccine-skeptic Italian government has sacked every member of the country’s health advisory board, raising fears that the populist administration will sideline accepted science and inflict long-lasting damage on public health.”
    Ok, so an entire government has no credibility because it is “vaccine skeptic”, cannot handle “accepted science” and is perfectly happy to inflict “long lasting damage on public health” with the sub tone being they are ignorant. Italy knows all about cars, advanced motorcycles and light aircraft engines, good food, is the home of the Vatican and is an indisputable first world country, but they are too stupid to test a vaccine and figure out what is in it. YEP. In reality, I think Italy out-classes the staff at Newsweek by a fair margin.
    WEAK NEWS has the audacity to claim Italy can’t handle accepted science, when Italy used science itself to prove the vaccines really were pure child sabotage that did nothing claimed, as parents everywhere have suspected all along. Use the wording Newsweek presented here as an example, when you see that kind of language you are being lied to by those who want everything about you wiped out.
    Here’s the real news not so “weak:”
    Italy sacked it’s vaccine scammers, and put in their place 100 percent new people who are not part of the global conspiracy to destroy people with vaccines, and then subsequently and practically immediately discovered that the vaccines have absolutely nothing they are advertised for, which begs the question: What the hell is really in those shots?
    Vaccine advocacy group Corvelva, which is not compromised, spearheaded Italy’s investigation into the vaccine scam
    The Eugenicists are up in arms over Corvelva, a vaccine advocacy group appointed by the Italian government to investigate the vaccines which has now received over $50, 000 in funding to test all the vaccines and see if they are scams. And more, the Eugenicists are upset about WHERE the funding is coming from – top Italian medical science teams are funding Corvelva’s efforts, unlike what this Sott articleimplies in it’s headline and subsequently tries to state by claiming “scientists” are questioning the Italian government’s actions that the Italian government is off it’s rocker. That’s not what the headline should be. Here is what the headline should be:
    FIVE NWO approved science scammers are protesting a vaccine safety investigation being conducted by Italy’s real top scientists who are rapidly and easily uncovering the truth about what the current childhood vaccines really are, and that they are not vaccines at all, they are something else entirely.
    As it turns out, all it takes to find out what is really in the vaccines is to break rank, seize a sample of what is being injected into the children, put it in a real lab that is not compromised by kikes, and VOILA!!! suddenly it is known that the vaccines are not at all what they are claimed to be. You can’t do that in the United States. No parent is allowed to walk out the door with a shot that has not been injected into their kids, take it to a lab, and test it. This is NOT ALLOWED. WHY? Italy just got the answer.
    The MSM is holding this topic by the gills at arm’s length like a diseased fish because of what Corvelva has found – that the vaccines really don’t have anything they are advertised for and are instead full on scams.
    You can’t find a legitimate MSM report on this topic. Instead, the reports are all slander, calling Italians stupid, backwards, “conspiratorial”, against “established science” and anything else they can muster, and they HAVE TO because the vaccine eugenics programs are one of their greatest treasures, with carefully placed totally compromised despicable hateful and soulless people in all key positions to keep a lid on the scam and allow the destruction of our children proceed without a hitch. Italy just blew the lid off the vaccine scam, and this one is not going away folks, Italy is NOT ZIMBABWE, they are clearly a first world country that can speak with authority. So the MSM is now trying to slander Italy because Italy uncovered one of kikedom’s NWO eugenics plots.
    As if we did not all know the vaccines were wrecking our kids all along, – Gee, one in 35 kids now gets autism and “nobody can figure out why??” They know damn well at Newsweek, Sott and more. The entire shadow government KNOWS IT and now that Italy broke free of their grasp they are trying to bury it. Instead, they ought to just put a fork in it. THANKS ITALY for finally putting it in print from an official level. We knew it all along, but it is nice to get real confirmation from the top ranks of a first world government.
    [Ron: I suppose it’s too much to ask that the Trump Administration EMULATE the Italian government in relation to action on vaccines? I mean, let’s face it, there’s an argument that its better to let the little children suffer than upset the LIBtard half of the US population… Isn’t there? After all, who knows what might happen? And we don’t want civil war do we? Let’s just keep the lid on things as we’ve always done. We can always ‘write off’ vaccine deaths and injuries as collateral damage… and ridicule the kids and their parents when they object… At least until the truth becomes obvious even to Libtards when half the population is needed to take care of the other half.].
    [Colour fonts, bolding and comments in square brackets added.].
    CORVELVA VACCINEGATE: GSK’s Infanrix Hexa Exposed –
    TRIPLETS All Become Autistic Within Hours of Vaccination –
    BOMBSHELL – Corvelva Releases Next Vaccine Analysis Results. –
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    Is the Polio VACCINE Causing the New Polio? See:
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    Bill Gates Says Global Vaccination Program is “God’s Work”. See:
    Bill Gates Oral Polio Vaccine Cripples 47,500 Children. See:
    Gates Foundation Funds Surveillance of Anti-Vaccine Groups. See:
    Bill Gates wants to register all new babies on the planet for vaccines. See:
    Bill Gates Pledges Allegiance to the Illuminati. See:
    Vaccinate to Depopulate But Do It On the Cheap! Bill Gates in Cut Price Genocide Plan!. See:
    Gates Foundation controls media through massive journalism grant. See:
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    Australian anti-vaxxers provide new model for the world –
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    Parallels Between The Civil Rights Movement And Denials Of Self-Determination Regarding Vaccines –
    CBS: Nurses Hit the Street to Vaccinate Homeless with Flu Shot –
    Australia Silences Criticism Of Vaccines, Benefits of Homeopathy. See:
    vaccine Why flu shots are the greatest medical fraud in history. See:
    Vaccines Will be Made from Human Cancer Tumors. See;

    The medical shadow government. See:
    Is The UN Using Vaccines To Secretly Sterilize Women All Over The Globe?. See:
    Millions of Kenyan Women Given Vaccines Covertly Laced with Anti-Fertility Agent. See:
    Mass Sterilization Exercise: Kenyan doctors find anti-fertility agent in UN tetanus vaccine. See:
    Vaccines: Penalizing the Unvaccinated? See:
    Analyzing epidemics. See:
    Rockefeller Foundation’s Futurist Paper Details ‘Ebola Plot’. See:
    on the Ebola Propaganda Machine. See
    Fear Porn – An Attack on the Immune System. See:
    From Ghana: Ebola is not real and the only people who have gotten sick are those who have received treatments and injections from the Red Cross. See:
    Mandatory Ebola vaccines on the horizon. See:
    US exploiting West Africa Ebola outbreak to establish military foothold. See:
    EbolaGate is actually a Bioweapons False Flag attack strategy, with many sophisticated alternative scenarios. See:
    And Now, Ladies an’ Gentlemen: Obama’s ‘War on Ebola’. See:
    Ebola: A Zionist Depopulation WMD. See:
    Ebola and the “Rapid Vaccine Response”. The U.S. Government Filed for Patent on Ebola in 2009. See:
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    It’s all scripted! Ebola outbreak and impossibly rapid vaccine response clearly scripted; U.S. govt. patented Ebola in 2010 and now owns all victims’ blood See:
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    Vaccination MUST SEE! – The Hidden Truth – Australian Documentary (FULL). See:—The-Hidden-Truth—Australian-Documentary-FULL.shtml
    Vaccines-The True Weapons Of Mass Destruction. See:
    Dumbed-down populations accept outrageous vaccine logic. see:
    African Children Still Paralyzed After Vaccines, Government Says “All in Their Head”. See:
    ‘Vaccine court’ awards millions to two autistic children damaged by vaccines. see:
    After one million girls vaccinated, boys to get HPV shot. See:

    Bill Gates Says Global Vaccination Program is “God’s Work”. See:
    Bill Gates Oral Polio Vaccine Cripples 47,500 Children. See:
    Gates Foundation Funds Surveillance of Anti-Vaccine Groups. See:
    Police Take Newborn After Mother Refuses Hep B Vaccination; Lawsuit and Trial Follows. See:
    Pediatricians Want to Keep Thimerosal in Vaccines Despite Health Risks. See:
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    Should I Vaccinate? (Ask Teal Episode on Vaccines and Vaccination). See:

    Obama Revision to FOIA Rules Keeps Evidence of Vaccine Dangers From Public. See:
    Court Rules Feds Can Vaccinate Kids Without Consent Under Public Health Emergency. See:
    parents Vaccine myths unraveling: 600 percent increase in number of parents refusing vaccinations for their children (Australia). See:
    30 Year Cover-Up of Vaccine Dangers Exposed in UK Government Transcripts. See:
    4,250% Increase in Fetal Deaths Reported to VAERS After Flu Shot Given to Pregnant Women. See:
    Empirical Data Confirm Autism Symptoms Related to Aluminum and Acetaminophen Exposure. See:
    Depopulation Plot Behind UN and Gates Polio Vaccine Initative In Pakistan. See:
    The vaccine empire has collapsed. See:
    Merck Teams With Gates Foundation to Further Worldwide Depopulation. See:
    Merck vaccine fraud exposed by two Merck virologists. See:
    Vaccinated children have up to 500% more disease than unvaccinated children. see:
    CDC Targeting Baby Boomers for Mass Vaccination Agenda. See:
    Myth busted: Vaccinations are not immunizations. See:
    Chief executive of GAVI wants to ‘immunize every kid on earth’ See:
    Bedrock of vaccination theory crumbles as science reveals antibodies not necessary to fight viruses. See:
    Health Authorities Now Admit Severe Side Effects of Vaccination. See:
    Vaccines Did Not Save Us – 2 Centuries of Official Statistics (Repost):
    11 Reasons To Get Your Kids Out Of The Government Schools. See:
    Vaccination rights attorney Patricia Finn threatened with criminal charges; New York State demands she surrender names of all clients. See:
    AMA Paper Proposes Law Forcing People into Experimental Vaccine Trials. See:
    Health insurance company preys upon the poor with junk food reward program for vaccinating your bab. See:
    The Vaccination Agenda: An Implicit Transhumanism/Dehumanism. See:
    Polio Vaccines Now The #1 Cause of Polio Paralysis. See:
    Children herded like cattle into Maryland courthouse for forced vaccinations as armed police and attack dogs stand guar. See:
    Vaccines : ALL are Contaminated – Every Last One of Them. By S. Edmonson. See:—Every-Last-One-of-Them-By-S-Edmonson.shtml
    Exposed: CDC deliberately manipulated, covered up scientific data showing link between vaccines containing mercury and autis. See:
    Shock vaccine study reveals influenza vaccines only prevent the flu in 1.5 out of 100 adults (not 60% as you’ve been told. See:
    Require vaccine providers to accept responsible for the “service” they offer. See:
    The CDC Has Known All Along How Dangerous Vaccines Are – And Has Covered It Up… (Part One) See:—And-Has-Covered-It-Up-Part-One.shtml
    Vaccine expert confirms depopulation agenda ✟ ✟ ( PLEASE SHARE ! See:
    Gay Vaccine Experiments And The American (Not African) Origin Of AIDS. See:
    Infection surge raises doubts over Gates’ plan to beat malaria. See:
    Nigerians face prosecution over polio vaccines. See:
    Jerry Brown legalizes 12-year-old children giving ‘consent’ to Gardasil vaccine injections, but bans tanning beds for those under 18. See:
    One of the Most Inexcusable Vaccine Revelations of All…
    The Amish Don’t Get Autism but They Do Get Bio-Terrorism. See:
    Obama Administration Seeks Approval to Test Anthrax Vaccine on Children. See:
    Reuters Spins Flu Story. See:
    Flu epidemic strikes millions of Americans already vaccinated against the flu See:
    Cervical cancer vaccine a success, says Lancet report. See:
    Top Cases Where International Aid Was Used To Control Populations. See:
    Gardasil will be the biggest scandal in medical history. See
    Media Pushes BRAIN Eating Vaccine… Nano Tech Injection Lobotomy. See:
    Questioning The Dalai Lama: Who Would The Buddha Vaccinate? See:
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