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Author Topic: Ex-Big Pharma Sales Rep Speaks: We're Trained To Misinform; Drugs Dangerous  (Read 814 times)

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I don't know if this video has already been posted, so I'm posting it here.

Strong testimony.

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  • What I like are the lawyers who invite you if you have suffered injury or death to contact them. 
    What I would like to know is if you have suffered death why and how could you contact they and what they could actuaally do for you?   

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  • Maybe this is off-topic but it could temper the tone a little. Psych drugs are a bad thing, but cancer fighting drugs shouldn't be put in the same category.

    I heard an interview with a researcher who said that several big pharma companies are making fast progress getting new drugs approved that are "cracking the code" on cancer.

    The problem has been that cancer cells are "very intelligent" -- they shroud themselves with a cloak that makes them invisible to our immune system. These new drugs are able to make the cancer cells drop their defense shield for just a moment, which is enough for the antibodies to attack, and they DO attack -- with a VENGEANCE. He said his website has video recorded live (not FAKE) showing the cancer cells being "set on fire" by the immune system attacks.

    The context gave me the impression this researcher is no friend of pharma, so he has no ulterior motive for spreading false rumors. He named the drugs and the companies. Pfizer was one of them that I recognized.

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  • I would like to reply by saying that I call BS on this video.  Hydro and ephedra caused her to "appear" bipolar?  Wrong!!   They put her on SSRI's for Bipolar?  BS  contraindicated.  If they put someone on those and they manic switch, guess what?  THEY ARE A BIPOLAR!!  There is no shortage of these kinds of spooky testimonials, geared to filling up class action suits that corps. are reasonably forced to settle rather than risk a huge payout from a sympathetic "Jury" (another reason why English common law method is BS as well by the way).  A little background on me:  I was the number 2 representative for Seroquel, a medication for bipolar depression, In the United States for 3 straight years.  I was a pharma rep for the 3rd largest company in the world, AstraZeneca for 10 years.  one thing we DON'T do, EVER, is downplay side effects. This lady is a paid shill, straight up.  Given her description of her niece, there were definitely issues there.  You don't light yourself on fire because you are hooked on hydro (a mild analgesic by the way.  Habit forming?  can be, necessarily so?  NO Way.  How do I know?  I have chronic pain from stenosis due to 3 herniated discs in my neck and 2 in my low back. I've taken 2-4 (no more) hydro/ibuprofen every day for 14 YEARS.  I once a month go 3-8 days taking none, with zero withdrawals.  My physician is way more concerned w/ the otc Ibuprofen wrecking my kidney and liver.  Ever notice all my tyhpo's? My hands barely work anymore.  that sucks for me, I used to play guitar as good as Yngwie Malmsteen.  Look him up.  So many people buy into some conspiracy regarding 'big pharma' and they "know how to cure cancer but there is no money to be made" type BS that it sickens me.  My wife's family seek out all kinds of quackery over in St. Mary's that i can' stand it.    Now there is all this hype about opiode addicts dropping like flies, I don't buy it.  Oh the AIDS crisis doubled last year in the hetero population!!  Alarm Alarm!!  BS  it went from 2-4 cases?  something like that?  I exaggerate but you get my point.  Anecdotal evidence is an Oxymoron.  anecdotes are not evidence.   the FDA requires double blind placebo controlled studies that demonstrate efficacy and safety.  Some of these meds are very much side effect prone, so the question becomes in EVERY INSTANCE do the benefits outweigh the risks?   An example,  Zyprexa, a drug I competed against, has an average wt. gain of 70 lbs.  That is terrible for sure, but balance that against the empirically demonstrable FACT that 1 in 5 bipolar s successfully commit SUICIDE.  I'll take the weight gain every time.  

    the problem with the FDA is not that it's out to get you, it's that it's a bureaucracy and is slow to bring effective and safe medications to market.  Do mistakes occasionally get thru?  Sure.  Do they do a good job for the most part?  Yes.  Is hysteria the answer, like the latest "opiate crisis'? NEVER.  Buying in to this train of thought only leads to more Gov't control and bumbling.  


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