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 Almost every fully ναccιnαted resident at a Kentucky nursing home tested positive for CÖVÌD-19
Posted: 04 May 2021 07:57 AM PDT
A Kentucky nursing home is reporting that most of its residents who were ναccιnαted for the Wuhan cσɾσnαvιɾυs (CÖVÌD-19) still ended up testing “positive” in a recent “outbreak.”
Of the 26 positive residents who were jabbed at the urging of Anthony Fauci and Donald Tɾυmρ, 20 of them still somehow “caught” the virus. Four fully ναccιnαted healthcare personnel who work at the facility also tested positive after their injections.
All of these individuals, both residents and workers, had received both doses of the pfιzєr-BioNTech injection at least four weeks prior to the outbreak. The government claims it only takes two weeks for the ναccιnєs to “activate” and start “working,” it is important to note.
At the time the outbreak occurred, 79 of the nursing home’s 83 residents had already been injected. How an outbreak occurred at all is anomalous since upwards of 90 percent of residents had long prior received both doses of the pfιzєr-BioNTech injection.
What this phenomenon suggests is that these jabs do not work as claimed and are probably spreading more of the virus as opposed to eliminating it. The government will never admit to this, of course, but there is no other logical explanation other than that the ναccιnєs are a failure.
According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Wuhan cσɾσnαvιɾυs (CÖVÌD-19) jabs these elderly folks received should have already been “activated.” The fact that they failed after more than four weeks of already being in people’s arms shows that the whole thing is a farce.

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Yeah, I suppose I'm "anti-vax" and "anti-science" if I speak up after noticing something like this.


If the injection is supposed to work, then WHY DOESN'T IT WORK?

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The title and OP are not accurate, here is the article from Kentucky:σɾσnαvιɾυs/article250862594.html (notice they blame a person who had not taken the shot, the article turns the obvious (that the shot is did not stop the people from contracting CÖVÌD) into propaganda.

[color=var(--tc,#222)]How 18 fully ναccιnαted residents caught CÖVÌD-19 in a KY nursing home. One died.[/color]

[color=var(--tc,#222)]An unναccιnαted health care worker brought CÖVÌD-19 into an Eastern Kentucky nursing home, propagating an outbreak that infected dozens of ναccιnαted and unναccιnαted residents last month, a new study confirms.[/color]
[color=var(--tc,#222)]Gov. Andy Beshear and Kentucky Public Health Commissioner Steven Stack first announced the outbreak in March, which ultimately infected 26 residents, 20 staff and killed three people, including one resident who was fully ναccιnαted and two who were not.[/color]
[color=var(--tc,#222)]In that facility, which hasn’t been publicly named by state officials, roughly half of the staff population chose to get the ναccιnє. A new report published Wednesday from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirms that an infected, symptomatic staff member brought a more transmissible CÖVÌD-19 variant into the facility that set off the outbreak.[/color]
[color=var(--tc,#222)]In this nursing home at that time, more than 90% of the 83 residents had received two doses of the pfιzєr-BioNTech ναccιnє, compared with only 53% of the 116 health care personnel, the study found. And of the 26 residents who tested positive, 18 were fully ναccιnαted, while four of the 20 staff who became infected were fully ναccιnαted. Six residents were hospitalized, including two who were ναccιnαted.[/color]
[color=var(--tc,#222)]Still, though they tested positive, ναccιnαted people “were significantly less likely to experience symptoms or require hospitalization,” authors of the study wrote. Unναccιnαted residents and staff were at least three times more likely to become infected. People with two doses of the ναccιnє, even when they did test positive, were 87% less likely to show symptoms, compared to those without a ναccιnє, which “demonstrates a strong protective effect of vaccination,” they said.[/color]
[color=var(--tc,#222)]These findings highlight the importance of getting a ναccιnє, even among people at low risk for serious infection, at a time when Kentucky’s rate of vaccination is slowing. Kentucky reported its highest number of people ναccιnαted in a week — 172,018 — between March 16 and March 22 and the totals have fallen since. Between April 13 and April 19, 106,733 people were ναccιnαted. Close to 37.6% of the state population is inoculated.[/color]
[color=var(--tc,#222)]Beshear has warned that a fourth wave of infection across the commonwealth is inevitable if more people don’t get ναccιnαted. “As long as there’s a significant group of unναccιnαted individuals, there are hosts for this thing to mutate in,he said Monday.[/color]
[color=var(--tc,#222)]The variant detected in this Eastern Kentucky facility is not listed as a variant of concern by the CDC, but it does have characteristics of other variants already circulating widely. The Kentucky variant includes the E484K mutation in the receptor-binding part of the spike protein, which is seen in the more contagious variant first found in South Africa, and the W152L mutation, “which might reduce the effectiveness of neutralizing antibodies,” authors wrote.[/color]
[color=var(--tc,#222)]The study also identifies four possible reinfections, or people who caught the virus in March but had previously tested positive. All four — one unναccιnαted resident and three staffers, one of whom was ναccιnαted — who tested positive during the outbreak had symptoms. The resident was hospitalized and died.[/color]
[color=var(--tc,#222)]Long-term care facilities have been ground zero for some of the worst cσɾσnαvιɾυs outbreaks in Kentucky and across the country. Well over half of the state’s CÖVÌD-19 deaths have been nursing home residents.[/color]
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Flu and CÖVÌD ναccιnєs are making people sick and even killing them. 
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