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  1. Corona Flu and Shots Quips Thread
  2. Oregon Suing CDC for Fraudulent COVID19 Stats
  3. 20x Cancer Increase in Jabbed People
  4. Is the big ‘C’ contagious?
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  11. Fauci: asked about natural immunity, has no answer
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  14. Boostets cause Blood Clots and Leaky Vessels
  15. Symptomatic and Asymptomatic
  16. Caught on Camera! Doctors spinning lies about covid numbers
  17. My Recent Experience with COVID
  18. Health
  19. Abortion Death Serum Victims Going Bald
  20. Video: girl with rare condition gets sick around jabbed people
  21. Prayer request
  22. The Story of Ivermectin’s Suppression
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  24. No Alternative Plan to the Shot?
  25. ICU Nurse Exposes COVID Lies
  26. Pfizer's new daily pill is...Ivermectin
  27. You can’t even trust canine vaccines
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  29. The Barrington Declaration
  30. Digital Detox
  31. Cancer Cure - Fenbendazole (dog wormer)
  34. Are vaccines safe?
  36. Covid Deaths 1,500 a Day Amid Delta Scourge
  37. Total Deaths in USA
  38. Fasting
  39. Fauci - Need a "booster" shot two times a year!!!
  41. The FTC criminalizes nutritional advice about vitamin D and zinc
  42. Who's up for some Soylent Green?
  43. Check it!
  44. More on the NON-existent Cooties-19
  45. Government in Ireland Forced to Admit Covid-19 Does Not Exist!
  46. Med journal pre-print: natural immunity trounces vaxx
  47. Good source for up to date vaccine law info
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  49. Juicing to help reboot your health
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