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  1. Corona Flu and Shots Quips Thread
  2. Moronic varient
  3. Hospital Rescue
  4. Latest Fear Porn: Heavily Mutated Variant “Horrific”
  5. COVID Regimen
  6. 86 children stillborn to fully vaxxed mothers
  7. Stalin Would be Jealous!
  8. Whistleblower Nurse In Slovenia Claims 30% Of COVID Vaccines Are Placebos
  9. And there you have it
  10. Australian Army Abducts 38 Citizens
  11. Getting the Vax is Critical!!!
  12. Why would ivermectin treat COVID-19?
  13. Jabbed Senator Bites the Dust
  14. 1/1000 Died in Pfizer Trial
  15. Colorado considering rationing of healthcare based on vaxx status, age and co-mo
  16. Public Enemy (Hero) #1
  17. England: More COVID19 in Vaxed Than Unvaxed
  18. Vaccinated dying - Israeli Press Secretary
  19. Austria Mandates Jab for Everyone
  20. OK Bill Would Hold Mandate Employers Liable
  21. Smallpox better than Covid for Depopulation
  22. Aussie Archbishop to Suspend All Unvaxed Priests
  23. Vax Testing Data Hidden Until 2076?
  24. Is your doctor woke enough?
  25. Most Vaxed Country has Skyrocketing COVID19
  26. Moderna Victim Writes Own Obituary (Sad)
  27. You Ain’t Vaxed: Boosters Forever
  28. Drivers License to Become Your Vax Passport
  29. Famous Doctor Develops Safe Vaccine Against COVID; Germany Prosecutes Him 
  30. Poor, poor people
  31. Herland Report: Hang On To Your Hat!
  32. Rabbinical Court Says MRNA Jab Forbidden
  33. Catholic PA .gets fired by Catholic hospital for refusing to give patient
  34. Grow and eat your vax?!
  35. The REAL Covid Jab Death Number in America
  36. Memo: Increase in Multi-System inflammatory syndrome in CHILDREN
  37. No Link to Abortion
  38. Jabbed Athletes Now Dropping Like Flies
  39. Exemption Retribution
  40. Excellent pdf on Morality of Vaccination
  41. Covid toes??
  42. Free Prescription for Ivermectin
  43. Gates on Plan for New Jabs
  44. Ivermectin Hanky Panky for Medicare?
  45. Poetic Justice: CA Gov. Newsome Wounded by Jab
  46. Mortality Rates 6x Higher for Brits; 18% in USA
  47. Has anyone here ever shared their story about the virus?
  48. NFL QB Aaron Rodgers is a Jesuit!
  49. Italian Department of Health revises Covid deaths down from 130,000+ to 3783
  50. Jab Injuries Overwhelming American ER’s