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  1. Traditional Diet, Weston A Price Foundation
  2. another good reason to avoid vaccines
  3. Beer making
  4. Girls developing early
  5. Anyone ever smoke a chuck roast?
  6. Professionals call for End to Water Fluoridation
  7. Beef Liver Recipe?
  8. Breast Screening - No Evidence of Benefit
  9. Adoption
  10. Olive Oil (Extra Virgin) prevents Alzheimers Disease
  11. Sebelius says "no"
  12. Smokers
  13. Lose Weight at McDonalds
  14. Drugs and Children
  15. Oklahoma Defunds Planned Parenthoop funding
  16. GM Food causes Cancer in Mice
  17. Japanese toysradiation
  18. Negative Impact of Abortion
  19. Genetically Modified Wheat Found in Oregon Field
  20. Researchers Find Tinnitus Cause and Treatment
  21. Irish Potatoe Famine
  22. When the neighborhood improves
  23. Healthcare
  24. Little girl challenges CEO
  25. Processed Meats Declared Too Dangerous for Human Consumption
  26. Redheads
  27. Not as good as it says
  28. Sleep Paralysis
  29. Men who have been vegetarian in the past
  30. No Jab No Play
  31. Preserving Kidneys
  32. Electrodermal Testing
  33. 100 and beyond
  34. On aliens and birth defects
  35. Top scientists to Obama: Ban mutation experiments of more deadly avian flu
  36. That old bird flu...
  37. Fletcherism: An Interesting Article I Found Today
  38. CDC: 110,197,000 Venereal Infections in U.S.
  39. Intrauterine baptism?
  40. Gardening
  41. Tea time?
  42. On the morality of GMO and gene therapy
  43. CathInfo Fish Nuggets
  44. soup and salt
  45. Proper Eating during Lent
  46. Artificial Sweeteners in Milk
  47. The evils of swine?
  48. Great simple headache remedy
  49. Paleo diet...
  50. Anyone here use Sraight or Double Edge Safety razors?