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New Members - Please Note
« on: November 17, 2009, 11:11:01 PM »
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  • I wrote this to Regina, but it would apply to any new member:

    We've had a flurry of new users sign up here, many of whom are here only to defend Fr. Cekada, Bishop Dolan, and St. Gertrude the Great parish at any cost. I'm sorry you joined at such an inauspicious time. But, although you may be an exemplary Catholic, you WILL be put under a certain amount of scrutiny just because you are new. We all have to "bear wrongs patiently" and offer up sufferings for the love of Christ. You may get plenty of opportunities for this, as you happened to join the same day a vocal member was banned -- a man whose "friends" have sign up time and time again to defend him.

    I've had to ban many of them, once they step over the line and criticize the forum rules, owner, the forum itself, and/or the mass of its members. When a member won't live here in peace, there is one place for them: the door.

    The idea that I ban anyone who disagrees with me doesn't even make it out of the gate. Look around the forum, and see all the Sedevacantists. You might be surprised to learn that I am NOT a sedevacantist. I fervently support the SSPX, and I attend one of their chapels. So my tolerance is plain for all to see.

    You will forgive me for holding that a brand-new, untested member is worth far less than the entire forum which I have built up over 2 1/2 years, with the help of many long-standing members. Anyone who makes the forum unbearable for those members WILL be banned.

    I do have rules (feel free to read them -- one of the "Pinned" topics in the General Discussion forum) but this isn't a democracy where people can exploit written laws to get away with stuff. This is a monarchy, where a single man rules by reason and common sense. Written laws you can snake around; common sense you cannot. Why do you think there are few monarchies left in the world? Because the men who control the world can easily do so once a democracy is set up.

    What is unacceptable or ban-worthy behavior? It's hard to define. But I define it like a famous man once defined pornography: You know it when you see it!

    I've noted that you have been quite an active poster for your first day here.
    I noted you're constantly claiming "confusion". I don't know what to make of that.
    And you start out by clarifying the rules -- a couple others have done that in the past.

    I don't mean to be rude, but I will say this: any new members these days are on de-facto probation. That's just the way it is. Blame the messed-up world we live in. Blame SGG and Fr. Cekada.

    I hope this whole SGG thing gets taken care of, and you spend many happy years here on CathInfo.

    God bless,

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