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Author Topic: Two videos that prove Eastern Orthodoxy to be heretical and self-contradictory  (Read 1145 times)

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  • You just proved my point, what you describe of energies is Baarlam's distortion not actual Greek teaching.

    Your stand on the filioque is contrary to church teaching since the common creed recited at Florence didn't contain the filioque which is heretical in Greek since it indicates a double origin, which is why even Greek Catholics do not have it as part of the creed. You do know that the Pope refused to put it in the creed and that it adorned the old St Peter's in gold without it.

    The points are somewhat obscure and no one outside of Mark of Ephesus is prepared to die on those hills
    What's the difference between Barlaam's explanation of Palamas' teachings and what Palamas actually taught? 

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  • Too technical treatises were written on the subject. Quite simply to Gregory God is experienced by the faithful in concrete ways in this life. To Baarlam God is only known intellectually.
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