Author Topic: To the donor who bought multimeter probes off my Amazon list  (Read 538 times)

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To the donor who bought multimeter probes off my Amazon list
« on: February 08, 2021, 12:01:08 PM »
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  • I just wanted to thank the individual, whoever they were, since I couldn't do it through Amazon as usual. I'm not one of those ungrateful types who doesn't say "Thank You".

    But in this case, I couldn't see who purchased this item for me, because the package never arrived. I saw that it was purchased, but it never arrived. Turned out it was "delivered", just not to me!

    When an item is purchased, it moves to the "purchased" list. However, I only find out who bought it after the package arrives, and the little slip of paper is read with the gift message. You can sign it "αnσnymσus" or anything you want, BTW. You don't have to give away your identity.

    Fortunately after some effort spent complaining to Amazon, they gave me a gift credit, so I wouldn't totally lose out.

    I actually spent some time leaving messages/talking to several neighbors, seeing if anyone got the package. I was actually pretty thorough; I probably spent much more time than I should have. But apparently I don't have very good luck -- whatever neighbor got it was dishonest/a thief, and a stupid one at that (most people have no use for a set of multimeter probes, and they're not worth that much).

    So while I rejoiced in the kindness of some CathInfo member buying this for me (+1 faith in humanity) I kind of lost some faith in humanity (-1 faith in humanity) when one of my neighbors kept a relatively cheap set of multimeter probes, when my address was clearly on the package. That's like keeping a wallet with an address clearly on it -- in this case, your next-door neighbor! There was even a gift message inside the package, so the person knew they were stealing someone's gift! (could be a birthday or Christmas present, for all they knew)

    What a rotten failure of a human being that would take.
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