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Author Topic: Theatrical Release of Vatican Documentary  (Read 249 times)

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Theatrical Release of Vatican Documentary
« on: November 23, 2017, 07:29:01 PM »
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  • Announcing Theatrical Release
    of Vatican Documentary


    Dear Friends and Family,
    It’s been a while since I last updated you about my documentary, "The Vatican Deception" which investigates an important struggle in the Vatican, and its links to the prophecies of Fatima.  We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to overcome some difficult challenges, and we’ve finally had a breakthrough.
    I'm reaching out to announce that The Vatican Deception is complete, and we now have a theatrical release date!
    Theatrical Release Details
    The World Premiere will be in London, UK on January 18, 2018, followed by a North American premiere in Toronto, Canada on January 25 and Special Toronto Presentation on January 27.  Select theatres in both cities will then run the film for at least one week.  Where it goes from there may depend on you.
    So far, the film has been receiving high praise from industry heads, and a small test audience that was astonished by the story, but it is so unique, distributors are having difficulty making projections about the film’s potential in the marketplace.  They are looking for evidence that people want to see this film, so they look at “Likes”, “Follows” and “Shares” on the film’s website and social media pages to make their decisions.  All eyes will be on the premieres to see how the film is received, so we need to make sure anyone and everyone knows about the show dates.  If you can take two minutes to help spread awareness of it by following at least one of the options below, I can assure you those two minutes will make a difference, and your help will be much appreciated!


    See the new website, including film trailer and theatre locations at
    Anyone heard of this?
    "Let God arise, and let His enemies be scattered: and them that hate Him flee from before His Holy Face"  Psalm 67:2[/b]


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