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  • The SSPX can reasonably be considered to be the Alamo. In an other series of postings, I compared the Society of Saint Pius X to the life-rafts of the Titanic. This latest analogy is truly for the last moments of the End-Time, when Rome will have become the seat of the Antichrist (Our Lady of La Salette).
    The SSPX must immediately cease all fratricidal disputes, then it must regroup towards the same aim, which is the battle ahead. The following lines are the battle plan.

    The battle plan for the SSPX.
    We need more bishops. That means a minimum of one bishop per continent; per (large) country, and per language. This means for example that both the United States and Canada must have one bishop who is fluent in English; one Canadian being also fluent in French, and one American being fluent in Spanish. South-America must have an equivalent sets of bishops, and the same for Europe and the rest of the world.
    Each of those bishops, must be backed-up by an auxiliary-bishop, because during battle, losses are to be expected.

    The SSPX has a reserve of priests who would sacrifice themselves in accepting those posts. I personally have met two present Superior Generals, and one former. Those three men are, to their credit, not boisterous as was Melvin Belli, nor the future Saint named Augustine from Tagaste (see my previous posting), and also while not showing the early signs of being generals in the likes of Rommel or Patton, those three men who I met are nevertheless fully qualified to be bishops. The point is that bishops can be taken from our ranks.
    The episcopal ordinations must be done within weeks, ideally before Advent.

     Why was it not done before? Answer: Our four bishops might have become complacent since the death of our saintly Archbishop Marcel Lefêbvre (who died exactly 33 months after the ordination of 1988, I personally see a sign to this quick death following the symbolic number "33"; a Freemasonic warning). Simply-put our saintly Archbishop might have been assassinated by the Freemason though poisoning. Father Schmidtberger closed the eyes of his father, and told it in his eulogy (The Sermons of Monseigneur Marcel Lefêbvre).
    I have an other answer, and this one will not gain me many friends: Our four bishops are lording it to their charge. They enjoy the exclusivity of their position. The pretext that those monsignors had was that they "wished an approval from Rome" no longer holds water, since our Pontiff Benedict has lifted an uncanonical and nepotistic excommunication in 2009.

     This is the battle plan! The approval of it depends exclusively from our four bishops, and it cannot be made in words, but in deeds. Time is short. Our bishops are accountable for the souls of many... perhaps hundreds of millions souls.


    I suggest that we pray all Our Blessed Mother, and all the holy angels and the Saints in heaven for those men, so their quick decision will result in a happy issue.


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