Author Topic: The Spain that the Pope will visit: Fast decline in the number of Catholic  (Read 421 times)

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"España será católica, o no será," (Spain shall be Catholic, or it shall not be) Menéndez Pelayo famously said. If so, the day is fast approaching in which Spain will be no more. From yesterday's edition of El País:

    "Things are not as God orders anymore, Manuel and María believe. They were married in the Church in the middle of the last century and had their three children baptized, educated in religious schools. Two of them got married before the altar in the 1980s and the third, before a judge and while already living with her boyfriend, in the 1990s. There was baptism for the three grandchildren, but only two made their first communion. Of these three generations, between 15 and 82, the grandparents are the only ones who go to Mass every Sunday. 'That is what there is,' grandmother María sums up.


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