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« on: November 10, 2012, 04:12:40 PM »
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  • By "Disneyland Cathedral", I mean the Cristal Cathedral built by the late Reverend Schuller. It is located in Anaheim, CA at an arrow-shot distance from Disneyland. The Cathedral was lately purchased for $100 Million by the Catholic Church (TIA indicated the selling price). It is a steal!

     I dare post this little piece out of a correlation of news-reports that might indicate something sinister from behind-the-scene.

     After the passing-away of Reverend Schuller, his son, Reverend Schuller Jr. was apparently not able to keep his inherited congregation, in spite of ticket-selling events such as laser-shows. Then the Cathedral became suddenly victim of vandalism. For example, I recall the L.A. local-news reporting drive-by shootings that broke some of the glasses of the building.
    The Cristal Cathedral is an extraordinary edifice. Nothing is Catholic inside, and everything may suit the needs of the post-V2 Church. In fine, the Cristal Cathedral may be a Synagogue for whatever deity is suitable to worship at the mode of the moment. The Cristal Cathedral is a landmark temple that the Los Angeles Archdiocese had to have.

     Open question: By those sudden acts of vandalism reported by the local-news media, is it possible that a behind-the-scene "offer that cannot be refused" was made to Reverend Schuller Jr.?

    If what I dare insinuating occurred, then a sin, as well as a great crime extortion was committed. I hope to be wrong, and that the church-in-crisis has not yet fallen that low.
    I confess to be sick at writing those lines, but they need to be written. The L.A. headquartered radio-show Coast-to-Coast has in the past reported, with Art Bell as the host, that Cardinal Ratzinger, now the Pope, has publicly anounced that "the Antichrist is on earth". So why on earth does the Roman Catholic Church purchase , in an apparently depraved way, a Temple that has all the architectural requirements to be a worshipping place of the Beast?
    For the good news, the Mass of All Times is still prayed in the L.A. Basin.

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  • Why would anyone want to build a "cathedral" near a Jewish amusement used for their own love of money?

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  • Isn't it fair to say that the Crystal Cathedral is a step up from Card. Mahoney's Cathedral?

    No statue of the Blessed Mother is an improvement over what passes for one in Mahoney's monstrosity.  If I remember right, the statue of Our Lady has short cropped hair and short sleeves (they are up to her armpits).  

    Purchasing the Crystal Cathedral may have been a business decision.  New church is always paying out millions and millions to abuse victim so perhaps this purchase was to try to file bankruptcy and be immune from the constant charges they face.

    Either way, nothing looks good in the novus ordo and "just looking okay" is unacceptable for the Catholic Church.


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