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Swedish Interview with Bishop Williamson
« on: September 25, 2011, 02:41:59 PM »
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    Publicerad: 24 september 2011
    BREAKING NEWS: World Famous TV-programme Initiated by Swedish Liberal Catholic Bishop?  

    SSPX and Bishop Williamson – Part One

    In January 2009 Swedish state television broadcasted a TV-programme about the Catholic society SSPX, which resulted in Bishop Richard Williamson being sentenced by a German court. Our research has revealed that the journalist in question, Ali Fegan, met with a liberal catholic bishop in Sweden over a secret dinner prior to the interview.

    The Turkish-Swedish reporter Ali Fegan received world attention after his interview with Bishop Williamson, a show that was deliberately aired in the time pope Benedict XVI announced that the bishops of SSPX would eventually be welcomed back by the Vatican. In Sweden Ali Fegan was however already a known profile, associated by many with deceitful and manipulative journalism.

    Recently Mr. Fegan refused to go to a German court to give testimony concerning the interview. Many suspect this is because if asked about details, he would probably embarrass certain people, including himself. This journalist scrutinizing other people evidently refuse himself to be scrutinized.

    Disclosure of secret dinner

    National Today can now reveal the background to the famous TV-show. Namely, the Swedish catholic bishop Anders Arborelius, liberal theologian who dislikes the traditional attitudes of SSPX, seems to be the person that have initiated the process to smear bishop Williamsons reputation and thereby counteract traditional catholic faith.

    The campaign to smear SSPX and Bishop Williamson seems to have started with an invitation from bishop Arborelius to Ali Fegan and his wife/partner journalist Belinda Olsson for a private dinner at the Bishop’s residence. Fegan and Olsson did at this time not have the slightest clue of SSPX and traditional Catholicism. And Arborelius wanted to counteract the mission of SSPX in Scandinavia and the first two Swedish SSPX priests.

    Non Christian Journalists

    Fegan and Olsson are well known non-christians, belonging to a core of powerful cultural marxist/communist staff at Swedish television that hates conservatism and traditional Christian values. This informal and, one might suppose, secret dinner took place in the summer of 2008. This was well before the so called TV investigation into SSPX started. Bishop Arborelius has recently, September 2011, to a Swedish journalist confirmed that the dinner actually took place as stated above, but says it was not intended to instigate any embarrassment to SSPX or Bishop Williamson.

    Be it so or not, Fegan’s programme started a world wide criticism of SSPX and traditional catholic faith. One wonders if Fegans heritage, being of Jewish descent, made him biased discussing the Holocaust.

    You can judge for yourself. Let us give an example of Fegans reporting style.
    Last week, Wednesday 14th of September 2011, another of Ali Fegans productions entertained the Swedish TV viewers at best TV time 8.00 pm. The theme this time was the London riots. In this production Fegan combined two interviews, one with a tall white Englishman who said that he would break the neck of the rioters who had burned down his Furniture Store. Then Fegan interviewed a black man telling “The white slave owners like to hang me from a tree outside their Parliament”. Of course nothing of this is true as probably no one of these gentlemen would actually put their sayings into action given a chance to do so. Nevertheless, this special Fegan design has a strong attitude building force, creating a polarisation, without good reasons.

    Fegan design

    This design is also a good example of how this price rewarded Swedish TV program works.   This is namely what Swedish TV calls neutral and objective journalism. Most of the Swedish audience realises that it is not, but still consider it great fun to watch. A little bit like Colosseum in Rome. But in a somewhat more civilised way if you forget that it is probably more deceitful. One might guess that Fegan spent weeks doing hundreds of interviews on Swedish taxpayers expense to give his “correct version” of the London riots. A version which of course is very distorted and not representative for serious journalism.

    If anyone of the readers of this article would be attacked physically by Fegan and hit back, Fegan would probably record and show when you hit back without explaining that he hit you first. Ladies and gentlemen, this is not journalism! It is vulgar, cheap and staged events.

    So one might expect that he probably provoked both these gentlemen in London to utter these sharp sentences and then edited the whole thing in a stylish way. Exactly as he did with the honourable bishop Williamson.

    Fegans boss – what about him?

    And the whole story doesn’t become less interesting when you take into consideration that Fegans wife/partner Belinda Olsson was one of the journalists who used all her effort in her popular TV-programme “Debate” on Swedish state television to conceal serious maltreatment of asylum seeking children. Namely “the apathetic children”. These were thousands of refugee children that have been victims of serious assaults by adults in their company. This was because a severely traumatized child is almost automatically granted asylum with the rest of the family in Sweden.

    Olsson probably wanted to help her husband’s boss, Nils Hanson, out of a delicate problem. This as many professionals made severe allegations against Fegans boss for manipulating some TV-programmes to make them more amusing. Instead of objective. The result was that thousands of refugee children suffered intensively, but this biased program did no seem to bother Nils Hanson, neither Mr Ali Fegan – at all.

    This Nils Hanson was not only the responsible editor behind the distortion of Williamson, but also the responsible editor of the assaults on the so called apathetic children in the media shadow. How did he do this? Well, first he let his journalists stigmatize every doctor and psychologist, who tried to reveal the cruel assaults that made the asylum children unwell, as xenophobic and right wing extremists. This he turned into big headlines in Swedish State Television. This strategy efficiently locked the doors for the doctors, who had the guts to speak up, to all other media channels in Sweden. No media wanted to speak with the “xenophobic doctors”. This media shadow worked well. So well that the tragic copycat epidemic of thousands of apathetic asylum seeking children still goes on. For the moment, at this very minute, in September 2011, around thirty children are seriously unwell in Sweden because of assaults by adult asylum seekers. And tube fed because their so called parents tell the Swedish doctors that their children (if not purposely bought at a human slave market in the Far East to pretend to be sick) are unwell. Very unwell. The adults blame their children’s apathy on terrible traumatisation in the country they fled from. The children are so unwell so they can’t talk, can’t eat, and can’t respond to any contact. They just lie quietly in their beds month after month.

    And believe it or not. We can take this bizarre modern TV journalistic era one more turn.

    Internationally rewarded TV-programme a la Madoff

    This tricky TV-programme that Nils Hanson is responsible editor for has won international awards for its TV documentaries, both in US and Germany. And it is one of Sweden’s absolutely most popular and well known programmes since fifteen years back. But people that have been victims of its investigating force ironically say that Bernie Madoff, the money fraudster, is an amateur compared to these TV guys in Sweden. Their rule is “never change a good story, not even when it is provoked, distorted or false”.

    For citizens in other countries all this is of course very difficult to understand. Probably the best way to understand why twisted stories are this popular in Sweden is to take into consideration that Swedish private media is owned appr. to 80 percent by two families. Two non-christian families who are working intensively hard for a secular multicultural society. In addition Swedish State Television and Radio Broadcasting is run by leftists from 1968 and extreme liberals working strongly e.g. for totally free abortion. In other words, Sweden is in media perspective a little bit like China, in its own special way.



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