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Sound quality of recorded sermons
« on: July 10, 2013, 03:54:27 PM »
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  • I am probably not the only one who has a problem hearing the actual words recorded at many of the resistance Masses or conferences.  Have any of you who co-ordinate these thought of investing in a wireless mic w/usb that could be connected to a laptop?  I've seen them as low as $200.  Audacity is a free audio program that could be used to capture the sermon/talk.

    Although I cannot afford to purchase one myself I would be more than happy to contribute $10 to a "mic fund", perhaps many others would also since we all benefit from quality sound recordings of these important sermons and talks.

    I suppose each location could pass the hat asking for $5 to cover the cost and eventually they would have a couple hundred $$ to purchase a unit.  (I assume most locations would have at least one person w/a laptop.) Or perhaps one unit could be given to each priest paid for out of a "general" fund.

    Has anyone else thought about this or have any ideas how it could be implemented?  Anyone have experience w/audio recording?



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