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Author Topic: AquinasG was banned  (Read 2511 times)

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AquinasG was banned
« Reply #15 on: November 10, 2011, 03:42:02 PM »
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  • Liberal-sounding Novus Ordite on FE replies to that thread and slams CatholicInfo with this dumb post:

    I wouldn't be bothered by being banned from Cathinfo.  What stands out most about some who post on that forum is their paranoia and complete lack of charity.  Just today another person was banned because like you they had the nerve to defend the V2 papacy and the Novus Ordo Mass.   The owner of that forum has a tendency to ban anyone whose opinions differ from the regular members.  Yet when you read the rules he says all Catholics and opinions are welcome.  What hypocrisy.  I find it especially juvenile that feature that allows members to vote approval or disapproval on comments posted and to put someone on ignore.  You have to understand that Cathinfo has a lot of members who are either sedevacantists or schismatic.  You can't possibly hope to have a honest debate with people who are their own authority and Magisterium.

    I assume the person he's talking about who was banned today is romantheology. This guy on FE must not be too smart, because first of all romantheology was banned for slandering sedevacantist groups and for being a nutjob, not for defending Vatican II. Matthew also never said that "all Catholics and opinions are welcome". What a joke that forum is.
    Please ignore ALL of my posts. I was naive during my time posting on this forum and didn’t know any better. I retract and deeply regret any and all uncharitable or erroneous statements I ever made here.