Author Topic: Quotes from Church Fathers that prove they were Catholic and not Orthodox  (Read 214 times)

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I have seen an increasing trend of novus ordo Catholics converting to eastern “orthodoxy”. I suspect it is due to their “tradition” and how their liturgy is very reverent. I am posting this asking for quotes from the Church Fathers that price they were Catholic and not the “orthodox” schismatics. When these novus ordo Catholics start questioning Catholicism the orthodox schismatics give them selective quotes which “prove” orthodoxy and it seems to be leading those novus ordites who already are in error deeper and deeper Into heresy. 
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  • The Dimonds have good videos disproving Orthodox heresies using positions held by Eastern Church Fathers  

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  • You don't need the Fathers for that. Someone must have the final say when Patriarchs have a dispute. The Pope has always been the one everyone turned to when there were disputes.
    All the Eastern Orthodox have is quotes that indicate that Rome only intervened when asked, not that he didn't if asked. Every list of Apostles has Peter first and even the EO admit it.
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