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Poison of Religious Liberty
« on: May 07, 2015, 08:31:49 AM »
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  • I was listening to this guy's show yesterday afternoon.

    He was talking about those Muslims who tried to shoot up the "art exhibition" in Texas.  As he started to talk about how the exhibition needed to happen if for no other reason than to assert freedom of religion, he said the following (not an exact quote since I don't have it memorized but it's substantially accurate).

    When they had that exhibit of the Madonna in Dung, did we want the government to stop it?  No.  We wanted them not to fund it.

    Really?  We do not want the government to stop blasphemies against Our Blessed Mother?

    With the religious liberty indifferentism poisoning the minds of Novus Ordo modernists, there's no difference in their view between insulting Our Blessed Mother (the Holy Mother of God) and insulting the infidel Mohamed who has led millions upon millions to hell.  Comparing an insult to Our Lady with an insult to Mohamed is blasphemous on its own, and it's also comparing apples and oranges.  They have lost all sense for objective truth.

    Insulting Mohamed is not only objectively permitted but can even be praiseworthy.

    Insulting the Mother of God is objectively blameworthy.

    Period.  There's ZERO moral equivalence between the two unless you're a subjectivist.

    Al Kresta is a blasphemer against the Blessed Mother of God, but these are nothing more than the fruits of so-called "Religious Liberty."

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    Poison of Religious Liberty
    « Reply #1 on: May 07, 2015, 09:33:05 AM »
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  • That is the result of the massive masonic euphoria we are living in. The popes have warned us for over three centuries about a great conspiracy to destroy the supernatural Church of Christ and replace it with a naturalistic one world religion. The idea that all religions are road to Heaven and as such deserve the same tolerance and respect is a masonic idea. That is why there is no differencing in their minds between insulting Our Lady or Mohammed, but the Holy Scripture is clear about this, when it affirms that the other gods in false religions are really demons.

    Few quotes about this poison of Religion Liberty:

    Quote from: Leo XIII
    Justice therefore forbids and reason itself forbids, the State to be godless; or to adopt a line of action which would end in godlessness, namely, to treat the various religions (as they call them) alike, and to bestow upon them promiscuously equal rights and privileges. Since then, the profession of one religion is necessary in the State, that religion must be professed which alone is true, and which can be recognized without difficulty, especially in Catholic States, because the marks of the truth are, as it were, engraved upon it.



    The Church deems it unlawful to place the various forms of divine worship on the same footing as the true religion, but does not on that account, condemn those rulers, who for the sake of securing some great good of hindering some great evil, patiently allow custom or usage to be a kind of sanction for each kind of religion having its place in the State. And in fact, the Church is wont to take earnest heed that no once shall be forced to embrace the Catholic Faith against his will.

    Quote from: Pius XI

    By degrees the religion of Christ was put on the same level with false religions and placed ignominiously in the same category with them.

    Notice that this is the same very old temptation of the idolaters who wanted to place Christ among the other "gods" at their same level, like if God had manifested Himself to humanity through many deities, when the truth is that that there is only one God in the Blessed Trinity. Shameful.

    If anyone says that true and natural water is not necessary for baptism and thus twists into some metaphor the words of our Lord Jesus Christ" Unless a man be born again of water and the Holy Spirit" (Jn 3:5) let him be anathema.


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