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On animals
« on: October 07, 2010, 12:58:02 PM »
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  • I was thinking that our sins distort the creation itself and are not just notes in a tally to tell our confessors. Our sins leak out of our souls like pollution and seep into the world, distorting the creation itself and poisoning the world. Certain saints, like Christina the Astonishing could sense this by sight, sound, or in Christina's case, by smell. Animals live in this sin and are distorted by it, sometimes they become sick, sometimes they become ugly, and sometimes they flee. People are also effected by this and become more ugly and depraved and depressed and anxious as sin abounds.

    But there is a role for the just man and the just woman in cleansing the world of sin. As the just go out into the world they see the sin and they suck it up into themselves and this poison of sin they take it into themselves and purify it and offer it up to Christ when they assist at Mass. This purifying role is part of the cross that each of us must either carry or reject. When the just look at the plants and smell the flowers that are poisoned by sin, they takes that poison into themselves, which they can bear with the help of the good God that lives inside of them, and purify these creatures and they will recover and become beautiful again. When they look at animals and listen to their calls they take the sin of the world into themselves and the good God inside of them purifies them and the animals will become healthy and beautiful again.

    If there are many just men, the whole of creation will be restored to beauty in Christ, as Pope Saint Pius X said to restore all things in Christ, and the ugly animals, the snakes, the bugs, the rats, the locusts, the mosquitoes, and other creatures that thrive in sin will flee from that place. The crops will grow plentiful and even the devils themselves will lose their power as in the stories of many great saints tell us that one just man alone can make all of the devils lose their power over creation (as when Saints lived among the pagans, the demons which the pagans worshipped lost their many powers over creation and their powers of prophecy when a just man lived among them). In such a place, grace will so abound that all of the sins that are commonplace today will disappear because of the influence of the just and evil men will flee from such a place because the evil men, the Jews, the Gypsies, the Witches, the Magicians, lose all of their power over people if the people are just, because their great power is only over those who they seduce into lives of sin, because those who are abandoned to sin are conquered by the devil and evil men only have power from the devil and their power is great, but it cannot touch the just, unless they first give in to the temptation to sin and are thus cast out of God's Kingdom. As darkness is scattered and destroyed by the rising of the sun, so is evil scattered and destroyed by the arrival of goodness and grace.

    By the way, this is from me, an ignorant fool, so there is a good chance that I may be mistaken. Where I am mistaken, please correct me.
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    On animals
    « Reply #1 on: October 09, 2010, 08:15:55 AM »
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  • Matto, I've been thinking about this.  I like to use the public swimming pool analogy, even though it is indelicate.  Depending on how many people urinate in it, that is the ratio of water to urine in it.  On the other hand, if some actually bring in some water, the water is increased and the urine decreased.  Yes, the world is made better by saints and worse by sinners.
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