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News update from
« on: May 04, 2011, 06:12:38 PM »
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  • I've just received the newest e-mail update from which I thought all might be interested in.

    Also, has anyone from this list joined the Rosary Crusade yet for the Church and Consecration of Russia?


    Good News: 900 Anglicans Convert

    Good News: 900 Anglicans become Catholic at Easter (
    While celebrating the Paschal season’s glad tidings of joy, it is appropriate that we relay the good news of 900 Anglicans converting to Catholicism on Easter 5-3-2011

    First Sunday of May Pastor's Corner is up! (
    Shadows behind the Sunny Reconciliation of Anglicans

    District Announcement: Los Gatos cancellation of retreats (
    We regretfully announce that all remaining retreats scheduled for 2011 have been permanently cancelled... 5-4-2011

    May District Superior's Letter to Friends and Benefactors (
    "On May 1, 2011, Pope Benedict XVI will declare his predecessor, John Paul II, blessed, only six years after his death. This beatification raises many questions and concerns for Catholics today..." 5-3-2011

    May Regina Coeli Report (
    St. Joseph's Tables: Its tradition and practice in SSPX chapels | Our Lady as Patron of the USA District 5-2-2011

    Southern Sentinel April 2011 newsletter from Holy Cross Seminary in Goulburn, Australia (
    The SSPX has 5 international seminaries, two in English-speaking countries. The one here in Winona, MN is well known to Americans, but lesser known is Holy Cross Seminary in Goulburn, Australia... 5-2-2011


    Priests' Easter Retreat (
    This week a spiritual retreat is taking place at Our Lady of Sorrows Retreat Center in Phoenix, AZ, attended by 36 priests... 4-27-2011

    A New Prior at Bellaigue (
    The Benedictine monastery of Notre-Dame de Bellaigue (France) has a new prior in the person of Dom Placide... 4-26-2011

    SSPX Camps in the USA District (
    A list of camps sponsored by the SSPX in the United States for 2011... 4-26-2011

    Baptisms throughout the USA District (
    During this Eastertide, it is appropriate to revisit the importance of the Sacrament of Baptism. Here we present some baptismal statistics from 2010 for the SSPX's USA District which testifies to the steady growth of Tradition... 4-26-2011

    Japan Relief Program: Asia District (
    The SSPX's Asia District has begun a relief program for Japan; click the link to find out how you can donate. 4-26-2011

    Rosaries Crusade for the Church and the Consecration of Russia (
    Our Lady of Fatima has asked for "Prayer and Penance"! Join the crusade to help Holy Mother Church! Includes: Bishop Fellay's letter announcing new 12-million Rosaries Crusade | Rosaries Crusade booklet in PDF | April tally sheet | Tally sheet for those who do not attend an SSPX chapel 4-19-2011


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