Author Topic: New CathInfo lesson 3 - Why some never receive e-mails from CathInfo  (Read 445 times)

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Long story short, a bunch of e-mail servers reject all e-mail originating from my server. Let's just say they're prejudiced against "small business" servers.

The new CathInfo software has plenty of features that require a VALID E-MAIL ADDRESS to take advantage of: 

* Topic notifications (when you subscribe to a topic, the system sends you an e-mail when someone else replies)
* Password reset
* E-mail from other members
* Happy Birthday e-mails from CathInfo
* etc.

But even if your e-mail is valid, if your e-mail ends with one of these domains, it will not work with CathInfo.
Gmail works great, and is totally free. I recommend getting a gmail account. 


The above list is what I have so far -- but it's far from exhaustive. There are certainly others.
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