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My Daily Bread
« on: July 11, 2019, 11:45:56 PM »
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  • My Child, whatever is not God, is a creature. Every person and thing which I have created, is a creature. You must prefer Me to all creatures. No creature can compare with Me. Whatever goodness you see in any creature, is only a reflection of My boundless goodness. Nothing on earth can bring you the perfect joy which I shall one day give you in Heaven. When this earthly life is over, you will realize how little and imperfect all creatures are in comparison with Me.
    If your main interests are on earth, you will always prefer to think of earthly things or people. You will always want what is pleasant and you will even sin to avoid what is disagreeable.
    If, however, I am your main interest, you will prefer Me to all creatures. You will prove this preference by striving to please Me ever more in your daily life. You will give Me more of your time and attention. You will seek to come ever closer to Me by reading, reflecting, prayer, and spiritual guidance. Your chief desire in all your daily activities will be to please Me, whether the matter at hand be pleasant or unpleasant.
    As long as any person or thing has power to draw your will away from Me, I am not your main interest. Creatures may attract your feelings, capture your imagination, and arouse your unreasoning desires, but they have no real power over you until they influence your will. As long as you do not follow unreasonable earthly attractions, you belong to Me.
    Seek to simplify your daily life more and more. Get rid of all unnecessary interests. Concentrate on the things which make you more like Me. Strive to think more like Me, to be more helpful to those around you, and to keep both your attention and your intention centered on Me. As you advance in this simplicity, creatures will have less and less power over you.

    It is not wrong to love people and to desire the good things which will improve my earthly life. In fact, since these are all reflections of God's goodness, they should be loved and desired. I do wrong, however, when I love any person or desire any thing more than they deserve. This happens whenever I am ready to sin for their sake. At such times I prefer these creatures to God. My dealings with all persons and things should be reasonable and sinless. God wants me to live an orderly life, placing first things first. Only then can I say that I love Him above all creatures.

    Dear God, Creator of all things, You have made a beautiful world. I find myself constantly attracted to different persons and things. They attract me because they reflect some perfection of Yours. However, they are imperfect reflections, and they are not always as good for me as they seem. Help me to please You by using these things or abstaining from them, according as they deserve. Whatever brings disorder into my life, is bad for me. Whatever makes me more pleasing to You, is good for me. I sincerely desire to love You above all things created. I hope to do this by pleasing You every hour of the day. No person nor created thing shall ever again induce me to sin. I shall strive to be more like Jesus in my use of creatures. Amen.
    To live with the Saints in Heaven is all bliss and glory....To live with the saints on Earth is just another story!  (unknown)


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