Author Topic: Masonic Involvement in the JFK hit  (Read 970 times)

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Masonic Involvement in the JFK hit
« on: March 18, 2014, 06:15:35 AM »
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  • If you really want to find the ultimate clues-----note that JFK hater Curtis LeMay was a Mason, so was Bronfman in Canada---allied with Louis Bloomfield and Hoover. HL Hunt had both Mason LeMay and Mason George Wallace down to Texas to declare them to run against JFK only about a week before JFK gets gunned down in Dallas.

    A few famous freemasons
    The Grand Lodge of British Columbia and Yukon Ancient Free and Accepted Masons w...See More


    Incidentally, the JFK hit happened almost right on top of the site of the first Mason temple in Dallas. Dealy Plaza and Dealy himself was a Mason Also, Tennessee and Texas have a very special connection----both began from Masons. Tennessee----the state of Franklin---as in Mason Ben Franklin. First Gov was Mason John Sevier. Tennessean Masons spread to Texas via Sam Houston, Davy Crockett, and others at the Alamo. All Republic of Texas Presidents were Masons. The Oak Ridge Manhattan Project was stuffed with Masons, so was NASA. Mason astronauts took great enthusiasm in calling Houston from the Moon, where they had Mason flag, et al, to claim that for Masons.

    Oak Ridge was helping Lee Oswald and the Mason Bannister gang in New Orleans run a hit against Castro, using radiation and cancer virus. LHO had the score on them, meaning Oak Ridge Masons were in big big trouble. So, JFK and LHO both had to die. Oak Ridge issued the JFK kill order after the Bannister gang failed to take out Castro.


    What few take note of in the JFK hit, is that is was organized and run by Masons that all hated JFK and centered in the Southern Scottish Rite Masons. All the Scottish Rite Masons already hated JFK over Civil Rights. Scottish Rite Masons hated JFK just as Churchill hated FDR over the 4 Freedoms plan to kill England's Imperialism efforts using money and corporations. FDR was going to put England under international controls.

    HL Hunt and Morris Jaffe (Bobby Baker's money man replacement who got tons of money from Mason USAEC on fake uranium deals) used that money to bank role LBJ. Mason Hoover supplied all the black-mail material. Mason Hoover and Mason Murchison were tight and Hoover took lots of Murchison money per Del Mar and oil wells.

    The Mason leader of the HL Hunt gang was Clint Murchison, and the place were the Masons met the night before to celebrate JFK was going to be killed. When the kill Castro plan out of Oak Ridge failed, the Mason Banister gang in New Orleans handed off Lee Oswald to the Mason Murchison gang around Dallas.
    about an hour ago


    When the killing went down, one shooter was place in the Dal-Tex building at the HL Hunt and Morris Jaffe fake uranium enterprise, so the Masons knew they could control them or the Masons could have them hung. Hoover gets the FBI to yank HL Hunt out of Dallas before he screamed murder over his being exposed as part of the LBJ gang.

    LBJ doesn't get in the floor board of his Limo when it turns onto Houston Street, as he ducks when his car gets close to the Dal-Tex shooting position. As soon as LBJ's car turned onto Houston, the cars were in firing lines from TSBD. LBJ feared the Dal-Tex firing positions.


    Oak Ridge's Y-12 had CIA document access due to their many Masons and the CIA office of counter proliferation there. Oak Ridge knew exactly what the CIA was doing in Project Moongoose to knock off Castro, and they started a plan of their own using Alton Oshner, HL Hunt, et al. These Masons were allied with 33rd Mason George Mandel,of PERMINDEX, who was trying to knock of De Gaulle in France over Algeria and Dimona nuclear plant. PERMINDEX was allied with Louis Bloomfield/DISC, and Hoover.

    These Masons technically were behind a hit planned on Castro that operated outside of the formal CIA, and the linkage was CIA's Mason Dulles, Guy Banister, and others.

    LHO was technically working for that gang of CIA Masons to attempt to kill Castro. Mason Banister kept LHO funded. When LHO went to Russia, he was more working with the gang of Masons to kill the Khrushchev and Eisenhower peace plans.

    Since LHO had highly infiltrated the Masons in New Orleans, the Hunt Mason connected gang in Dallas, and LHO was even up in Montreal, the Masons knew LHO had to die with JFK.


    JFK was after Bobby Baker and LBJ over the killings and financial swindles, and both of them were part of the Lamar 8F gang in Houston, which was the heart of the Mason backed Military Industrial Network.

    Once JFK knocked off Bobby Baker and LBJ in the criminal probe, next came HL Hunt and Morris Jaffe, then Mason Clint Murchison and Mason Hoover, then the Mason Banister working with Mason Hoover in New Orleans, then Mason filled Y-12 being a Mason backed Dulles and LeMay operation. One of Y-12 gang went to school with Jack Ruby, Moved to Dallas the same time as Ruby, and Ruby was an LBJ man. That person is the one that Mason insiders at Y-12 tell turned the tide to kill JFK.

    Mason Curtis LeMay was making Y-12 rich building nuclear bombs which LeMay needed to bomb Russia for a final show-down. Y-12 was backing Mason LeMay. Y-12 ordered the JFK hit.

    Those are the important lines to connect for what group was behind the plan to kill JFK and how it came to be.


    Law enforcement
    Izzy Einstein and Moe Smith
    J. Edgar Hoover
    Pierre G.T. Beauregard[5]
    Omar Bradley - West Point Lodge No. 877, NY
    Mark Wayne Clark r. Mystic Tie Lodge No. 398, Indianapolis: Dec. 30, 1929. [5]
    Jimmy Doolittle [14]
    Admiral Ernest King (1878-1956)
    Curtis Lemay
    George C. Marshall (Nobel Peace Prize 1953)
    Douglas MacArthur (1880-1964), 1936, Manila Lodge No. 1, Phillipines) [15]
    Audie Murphy
    John Paul Jones iSt. Bernards Lodge No. 122, Scotland [5]


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