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« on: November 21, 2013, 08:08:34 PM »
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  • Lucifer ???

    Francis-Bergoglio Takes Lucifer as His New Patron Saint

    The Devil Is the Namesake of Bergoglio's New Telescope

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    « Reply #1 on: November 21, 2013, 09:49:40 PM »
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  • Given the source, I searched the internet for confirmation.  This is what I found:

    There was another strange phone call today. Somebody was apparently just recently hurt by a misinformation which has been circulating on the web for two or three years. This calumny claims that the Vatican astronomers named some instrument or telescope "Lucifer".  

    It is fairly clearly a typical case of degradation of information. The truth of the matter is that the Vatican Observatory is a member of the Mount Graham International Observatory (MGIO) consortium, together with a number of other institutions from Europe and the USA. The MGIO comprises a large number of stake holders, most of whom have nothing to do with the Vatican Observatory or its telescope.

    How does this work? It is quite similar to share holders in a company. Supposing you had a six percent share in a company, while Mr XYZ had a four percent share. What could you do if Mr XYZ decided to name his pet hamster "Demon"?  

    One of the stake holders in the MGIO is a group of European institutes who built an infrared camera and spectroscope, and named it "Lucifer". So what happened? First, somebody reported that an instrument called "Lucifer" was installed on Mt Graham. Then somebody remarked that Mt Graham also hosts the Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope, and that it is somewhat amusing that Mt Graham has both Vatican and Lucifer. Then the information somehow degraded and the slur was born: Vatican astronomers are supposedly friends with Lucifer...


    There are enough problems with Bergoglio.  We shouldn't make up anything.

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  • This hymn in the Mozarabic rite praises Christ as the lightbearer;

      Iam meta noctis transiit,
    Somni quies iam præteriit,
    Aurora surgit fulgida,
    Spargitque cælum lux nova.
       Sed cum diei speculum
    Cernamus hinc nos omnium,
    Ad te, superne Lucifer,
    Preces necesse est fundere.

       Te lucis, Sancte Spiritus,
    Et caritatis actibus
    Ad instar illud gloriæ
    Nos innovatos effice.

       Præsta, Pater Piissime,
    Patrique compar Unice,
    Cum Spiritu Paraclito
    Regnans per omne sæculum.

    Here is a rough translation;

    Now hide the past,
    Sleep and rest is now past;
    Dawn rises excellent,
    Sprinkled sky new light.
        But when the mirror
    We see it all
    To you, from above, Light bearer
    Prayer is necessary functions.

        To you, Holy Spirit,
    The acts of charity
    To figure that glory
    We renewed finish.

    Grant most pius Father,
    Father with the only Son
    With the Spirit Paraclete
    Reigns for ever and ever.


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