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Author Topic: Is YouTube the new Gutenberg printing press? - Jordan Peterson and Joe Rogan  (Read 227 times)

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Thought this video made some interesting points.

Like Joe Rogan I find it easier to listen to a book that read a book.  There are several reasons for this.

1.  I can do other things while listening like eating, fixing electronics, painting or noiseless repairs of the house.  Since I am 50 I need to walk for 30-60mins per day (I work from home), I cannot read a book while walking.  With 4G and a mobile phone I can listen to anything I like.

2.  I can never find a comfortable position to read a book for more than about 1 hour.  My back, arms, butt, shoulder or neck hurt.

3.  I have to get hold of a physical book.  That means ordering it and paying for it and waiting (by which time I have lost interest sometimes) or going to the library (time).

4.  Some concepts, stories, descriptions are better in the spoken word (especially supported with diagrams) than they could ever be in a printed book.


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