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HIVAIDS condom pushers
« on: November 28, 2011, 05:38:46 PM »
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  • I received in the mail a formal letter from "Freedom Climb" of Mt. Kilimanjaro, in Africa January 11-16.  The climb for funding global projects supported by "Operation Mobilization" (OM). To go along with this is"National Day of Human Trafficking Awareness" a billed passed in the US Senate.  Now, I checked the organizations and find that they are just groups making money to shower the world with condoms.  The OM claims to be faith-based and they claim to educate, and give skills training and protection from exploitations, despair, slavery, poverty, shame.  I am bringing this subject up to warn people that these organizations claim to be faith-based and the organizations follow UN ways.  UNAIDS has a target of "condom consumption" of 150 million per year and UNFPA 80 million.  If there are any articles that will educate others of the wrong that is being done here, I would like to be directed in that direction.  People need to know condoms are NOT the savior of the world, only God and his Precious Blood!  Here in Phoenix, AZ, there was a handbook put out by the AIDS Task Force, that would have been about 1992.  This handbook was in cartoon style.  The story was of hispanics scared about AIDS.  There was a priest to address the people on the issue.  The priest introduced the "state" to teach them about condom usage.  Later a brother was approached from his other brother saying that he was scared about AIDS.  So the brother who attended the session pulled out of his pocket a condom and held it up high like a priest would a "host", Christ and the brother said, this will save you!  So, I bring this topic up to remind those who give $ support organizations who used faith (less)-based terminology, claim that they are "catholic" be sure to do your homework!  If they are not out to save souls, bring you sacraments, don't give.  Peace and social justice organizations are not what they are cracked up to be.  You know of CCHD and Catholic Charities.  They too are not what they are portrayed.  Songbird


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