Author Topic: FOR GREATER GLORY-Must See  (Read 428 times)

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« on: June 26, 2012, 10:40:00 PM »
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  • Jews Hate it and why they dont review it well.
    In truth, it is a Cant Take Your Eyes off the screen, Exciting and Amazing Tale.
    Well done, not a Jew in any credits.

    More importantly, it details How some brave peasants wth FAITH, took on the Jew Bolshevik sponsored Revolution and destruction of their country, church and Faith.

    The Sacraments were forbidden by arrest and death, Church was banned, All Church Property was confiscated, clergy banned.  Thousands were murdered and martyred in cold blood.

    But the Freedom Fighting Cristeros also fought back and murdered thousands of Federales working for their Freemasonic Judaized Govt, backed BY the USSR AND AmeriKa to a stalemate.
    The Cristeros were NOT supported by the traiterous Vatican either (Circo 1920s)

    It is probably one of the best movies Ive ever seen.
    Youtube has trailers of it.  I cant recommend it enough.

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    « Reply #1 on: June 27, 2012, 11:03:51 AM »
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  • We will be ordering it the second it comes out on video as it did not show in our area.  It is recommended by Tom Droleskey who normally would not recommend much of anything in theatres these days.
    "I receive Thee, redeeming Prince of my soul. Out of love for Thee have I studied, watched through many nights, and exerted myself: Thee did I preach and teach. I have never said aught against Thee. Nor do I persist stubbornly in my views. If I have ever expressed myself erroneously on this Sacrament, I submit to the judgement of the Holy Roman Church, in obedience of which I now part from this world." Saint Thomas Aquinas the greatest Doctor of the Church


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