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Fire Island
« on: August 27, 2019, 10:40:17 AM »
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  • Went to Fire Island with my family. Saw the Church I was Baptized in, Our Lady Star of the Sea. They have a garden with an old broken Crucifix. The legs are broken off of Him, but He still hangs on His cross. Someone left messages at the foot of the Cross, written on stones:

    What beautiful messages. There were a lot of deer, here is a baby one who was with her mother:

    And there were a lot of butterflies. I saw mostly Monarchs and white ones. Since they are called "Monarchs" they must be the kings of butterflies, right? Here are two together. Are they mating?

    I got ice cream at Fair Harbor and we had a nice dinner with M. and H. and S. and my mother and father at the home we stayed at in Saltaire. When I was a child I used to catch toads. I would see them at night at a hundred yards rush and grab them and put them in a bucket. There were so many toads and I was there to get them. I would put them in a bucket. But now there are not as many toads. I wonder why? Toads are ugly though so I do not know if I want them to come back. But it was a joy of my youth to catch toads and put them in buckets. All the toads in the world in my little bucket.
    I Love Watching Butterflies . . ..


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