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Spiritual WMD
« on: September 12, 2012, 05:07:05 PM »
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  • The terse lines of the dreadful blog (Le blog Epouvantable) of the DECLARATION OF SEPTEMBER 12, 2012 are a warning of what is up and coming within perhaps a few months. The Catholic Church, us, are evidently in a rear-guard battle, but we must not be afraid. We simply have to accept that are in the time when the saints will lose ground to the forces of darkness.

    The Catholic Church, us, will have more defeats. We will also be victim of treasons. For example, the past three years since early 2009 has shown turn-coats within our ranks, but it is not time to cast judgement, because turn-coats may return to their sense, and we need to form the dense pack of a phalanx for what's coming. May God keep us intact!

    Our bishops and priests are the soul of the resistance, and so are too precious to be exposed to combat. The brothers must threrefore be the backbone of our next-to-come network of underground resistance. Infiltrators and informants are to be expected among the brothers, which must not distract from our primordial task which will be to feed the faithfuls (the sheeps), and there will be many, likely in the tenth of millions when the Mark of the Beast will be implemented by the False Prophet.

    Following is a list of our assets, and bases of operation:

    SAFE HOUSES: naturally chapels will have to be hidden, but it is to be reminded that the first chapel of the Christians was the Cenacle, which remained safe until long after the coming of the Holy Ghost. Faith will keep the safe houses safe for a long time.

    PERSONAL PROTECTION: Our Mother Mary's mantle will be our sole cover towards the end, and this will require faith. Wearing the scapular is a must. Meditation on the life of Christ also is a great way for decontamination against the demons.

    ORDINANCES: Quick-prayers such as "Jesus, Mary I love you, save souls" are hand grenades against the demons.
    The weapon of choice against evil is a tercet of 53 Hail Mary of the Holy Rosary given to St Dominic. It is the equivalent of an automatic pistol against the demons.
    A better weapon is a psalter of 153 Hail Mary of the same Rosary. It is the equivalent of a rapid-fire gun against the demons.
    A Low or High Mass is a howitzer against the demons.
    A Solemn Mass is the "Big Bertha" against the demons.
    A procession, until made impossible, is a "carpet-bombing" against a nasty neighborhood infested with demons.
    And for all: A consecration of a nation is the WMD of the Church. The prayer for the "Consecration of Russia" will have to be maintained until the end.
    Caveat: The Chaplet of Divine Mercy is absolutely worthless. It is named a placebo prayer, because is has the value of a sugar pill. It is a waste of time to carry this weapon brought to us by JP2 a man whose motto "Totus tuus" did not indicate if it was "Totus tuus Maria" or "Totus tuus Satana".

    Saint Joan of Arc, pray for us.


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