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Author Topic: Blessed Cardinal John Henry Newman to be canonized Oct. 13.  (Read 4111 times)

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Re: Blessed Cardinal John Henry Newman to be canonized Oct. 13.
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  • What's interesting about you Cera, is your conspicuous, intellectual inability to comment on the content of any TIA article?

    Yet, you endorse pseudo-saints promoted by newChurch modernist popes?
    Answer the question regarding the heresy on TIA. Why would anyone trust any information from a heretical source?

    Consider the source. The link is a TIA article. For those who don't know, TIA is not Catholic. Their leader Atila G., says on his own website that God is less important to him than Plinio:
    This link is written by Atila and posted on his website. An excerpt is below.
     p. 36
     Even the contemplation of God's plans in History . .  did not bring me the broadness of panoramas and the sense of the divine that my relationship with Dr. Plinio provided. . .
     . . .
     "This relationship . . . is sacred to me. The great Moses with his burning bush on the top of Sinai does not make me jealous. For if he were there with God for 40 days, I have been with Dr. Plinio for 33 years. And in this relationship I see, perhaps, more of the divine presence than he before the sacred bush. And I guard the hope that I still may win the dispute with this Prophet when I shall pass from this exile to the Fatherland."
    Pray for the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary


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