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Author Topic: Can you contribute a chapter to the ground breaking book, The Power of My  (Read 249 times)

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Can you offer advice on how to keep your faith in the face of adversity?  Have you experienced moments in your life when all you had to see you through was your faith?  Or perhaps you understand how the power of faith can change the lives of others.    The Power of Faith explores how faith (regardless of denomination, creed or spiritual belief) can influence the course of our lives.  We’re also looking for chapters exploring the nature of faith, what faith means to you,  and how to keep faith during those challenging moments we all must endure.
If you can write a chapter, we’d love to hear from you. If we can use your chapter we will publish your profile, photograph and a link to your site.  The Power of My Faith will be produced as a paperback and ebook. If you would like to be part of our book, please visit voila success. com

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Can you contribute a chapter to the ground breaking book, The Power of My
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  • Is there a starter's kit for posting on Cath Info? This spammer sure could have used it.
    We conclude logically that religion can give an efficacious and truly realistic answer to the great modern problems only if it is a religion that is profoundly lived, not simply a superficial and cheap religion made up of some vocal prayers and some ceremonies...


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