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Big Question About Saints
« on: January 01, 2010, 05:01:08 PM »
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  • While I claim Ste Therese de Liscieux as my mentor, my actual patron saint would be the saint in whose name I was confirmed at age 12. Following common custom at that time, I took the name of the adult sponsoring me, who was my elder sister, Lorene.

    I never bothered to look up that saint, that I can recall (40 years ago) and was really only accepting the domineering demands of an elder sister who would not have tolerated my taking a different path....

    Now that I am re-examining all the spiritual steps taken when I was a young Catholic in the midst of those stormy Sixties, I cannot find a "St Lorene" listed anywhere.  

    I remember the arguments among the adults right after Vat II about some saints being "removed" (in fact I will never forget one of my uncles connecting their removal to the funding of the shuttle to get some of them back down, *LOL*)

    I can't imagine I would have been allowed to take a non-saint name at Confirmation, and also, I can't imagine my sister being baptized with a name that was not connected to a saint in the first place.

    So, can anyone help me find St Lorene?  And if this turns out to be a deposed Saint, what does it mean for the status of my confirmation? What about other saints who may have been removed from the Church calendar?


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