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Jihad in San Bernardino
« on: December 04, 2015, 02:40:20 PM »
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  • 04 Friday Dec 2015

    Posted by The Bard of the American Redoubt in Current Events, Outside the American Redoubt   

    How fast our government and authoritarian progressives (I am sorry, I repeat myself) said that Robert Lewis Dear is a “white Christian domestic terrorist.” And how slow and “careful” the same authoritarian progressives are before they say that muhammadist Syed Rizwan Farook and his muhammadist immigrant Saudi Arabian wife Tashfeen Malik are Islamic Arab terrorists. Why? This is very much like when Alton Nolen, American of African descent and a Muslim convert went to work and cut Colleen Hufford’s, American of European descent head off.   Then got his ass blow away before he could kill more people by Mark Vaughan a citizen with a CCW license.  Our authoritarian progressive government tried to tell us all this was simple “workplace” violence and not terrorism. Without Robert Lewis Dear giving any indication that he belongs to any group. The fact that he was inside an abortion clinic and shot people outside the clinic and did not kill every worker and “doctor” there, they quickly classify Robert Lewis Dear as a “domestic Christian white terrorist.” The only answer authoritarian progressives have is to get on their knees and stick their butts in the air and submit to the muhammadists, throw open the borders and disarm the native population. Our government hates you and everything you stand for and wants you disarmed and wants the borders wide open.

    Mass murder muhamadist Syed Rizwan Farook

    Let me be clear. No matter what happened at Syed Rizwan Farook Christmas party, you don’t make pipe bombs in a few minutes.  This muhamadist and his muslim immigrant wife attacked an American Christmas party with AR-15’s and pipe bombs and killed 14 people at a hospital for the disabled.  In America! Those pipe bombs were already created.  They “wiped” their hard drives the day before.  Many of you are self-sufficient. You know to outfit your wife in “tactics-cool” gear takes time. For her (actually anyone) to be able actually to use long guns and handguns in combat also take some time. Officials claim the two sport rifles they used were AR-15s; one was made by DPMS Panther Arms, and the other was a Smith & Wesson M&P model. The senior law enforcement official said one 9MM handgun was made by Llama, and the other by Smith and Wesson. Again, I point out that 9MM round is “big enough.” For them to perform this action in their mall-ninja getup took time and planning. This was no mere workplace violence issue, but your government who wants the power to put Christian white people (and their few minority accomplices) on a list and then deny them their Constitutional rights, will not say it.

    If only one person was armed at that party, how many lives could they have saved?

    Our authoritarian progressive government will also act like there no one warned them this was coming. Many, many people, including your not-so-humble host warn them that importing muslims raises serious security concerns.  Last week on 18NOV2015 in the post Terrorist attacks to come, I wrote Islamic inspired terrorist attacks, with low technology weapons against soft targets will continue in America. I further predicted this would happen in places like California or States with powerful gun control laws. I specifically said, “I believe there may be an evolution of the attack concept, but it will roughly follow the most successful strategies. I would expect them to focus logically on soft targets attacks at locations where they think the local populace is disarmed.” In the post Paris Attacks on 14NOV2015 I said, “We only have mass causality events in areas where progressives have succeeded in preventing civilized law abiding people from being armed so-called “gun free zones.”  Of course the San Bernardino Inland Regional Center is a gun free zone.

    Yes a picture of their so-called prophet muhammad

    On last week’s podcast I further explained I don’t see this happening in States with strong protections for the Second Amendment. This most likely will happen in the States that have disarmed their populations. This most recent attack played out nearly exactly as I predicted. It is not “because I is be smart” but because it is fairly simple.  One eyed man in the land of the blind and all of that.  I simply predicted that jihadis will continue to do what they currently are doing.  I also predicted they will get better.  We even shared with you Bill Warner, PhD and his explanation that your “nice Muslim neighbor” can pop off at any time and why.

    Next prediction.  Pretty much the same as the last prediction.  I will go into this more next week and on the next podcast show as we find out more about these two muslim terrorists.  The fact is, you can listen to the mainstream media talking heads, who basically know nothing, or you can tune in for some independent thought and analysis.

    They Broke the LawSome public servants are figuring this out. Sheriff Joe asks his 250,000 armed citizens in Arizona to help him protect the populace and have called up his posse. Detroit Police Chief James Craig suggested that an armed population encourages terrorist to self-select other cities. And Sheriff Paul J. Van Blarcum of Ulster County New York encouraged all citizens who are licensed to carry, to please carry. He also encouraged all citizens to ensure they are well trained as possible. I can tell you there are several Sheriffs here in the Redoubt that are also standing up posses or “Neighborhood Watches” to help with all types of emergencies.

    West-Islam-Civilization0I am also very concern about Europe having more frequent and violent attacks. That is why we shared Matthew Bracken’s essay The Coming Islamic Tet Offensive in Europe. For the first time since War World II there is a force in Europe which has the ability to destroy nations. The authoritarian progressives / international socialists will use these attacks to push their favorite anti-liberty bills with the excuse “we need to keep you safe” from the people we imported into your nations. They will use this carnage to move their global police state forward. In this nation, the authoritarian progressives will constantly wage war on the Bill of Rights like the Second Amendment.

    CA-guncontrol0Get armed, stay armed, carry at all times, develop the will to fight and kill. Vote for patriots who defend the Bill of Rights and understand the importance of the 10 Commandments. Also please go to Church and pray for the persecuted Christian church being slaughtered by muhammadists the world over.
    Pray for the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary


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