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Title: Anti abortion vigil in London. Needs more Trad militants.
Post by: ggreg on March 26, 2012, 07:00:13 PM
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From a London Trad woman who was on the last vigil last Friday.
I think most of you know me quite well, and that I hate sensationalism and melodrama but yesterday, I experienced the most hostile and antagonistic behaviour that I have ever received in my life. It may sound a little dramatic to some but the pro-death people turned up in large numbers and hurled a torrent of abuse and insults with their loudspeakers, guitars and basically shouted at us for nearly 2 hours while a smaller group of Catholics tried peacefully to pray.

There was a lot nasty anti Catholic abuse and I don't mind confessing that I felt really intimidated and angry at the same time but come next Friday I will be there again to fight for the unborn and our Catholic faith!
There were moments where a few of us had to walk away as a some of the demonstrators were putting their cameras right in front of our faces and taunting especially one of our group.
Amongst other filthy things they were saying, one of the girls in this pro-death group started lifting up her skirt and being really vulgar towards us (especially the men).
Also I just wanted to say how proud I was to be standing side by side with our group especially the St Joseph's crowd, SSPX, who were fantastic.  You can imagine that the utter relief of the small novus ordo group when 7 traddies turned up at exactly the right time (providentially) and Poppy who's in charge of the NO group just let our guys step in and lead the Rosaries, Stations and litany. They really stood defiantly against these pro-butchers, it was really heart-stopping stuff.
Anyway, I wouldn't normally hassle people, but next Friday is so important that we have numbers and if you or your friends can make 20 mins or 2 hours, then please come between 6.30 - 8pm or if you can't do please pray wherever you are.
Take care and God bless
Subject: 40 Days for Life
Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2012 21:33:30 +0000

I & A have received the following message and would like to share it with you. please give it your urgent attention and make every effort to attend -
On Friday the 30th March, the 40 Days for Life crowd are bringing Bishop Hopes down to the anti-BPAS Bedford Square vigil. It is anticipated to be the big one as far as pro-lifers are concerned and, God willing, the event should attract a good number of people to fight and pray for the sanctity of life, particularly that of the unborn. Regardless of what I’ll say below, it’s important that we all make the effort to attend for obvious reasons.
On the flip side, this hasn’t gone un-noticed by the pro-abortionist crowd. For the past few Sundays now, a small outfit calling themselves the Bloomsbury Pro-Choice Alliance have been setting up camp just around the corner from the vigil. They have a tactic of wearing bright clothing, waving silly placards, singing, playing guitar and they even hand out balloons, soft drinks and cupcakes to passers-by. These are all used as tactics of trivialisation and diversion to essentially quash all forms of serious debate. It’s almost as if they wish to say that “abortion’s fun” or as they put it in one of their leaflets, a normal part of life.

“Simply put – if they doorstep abortion clinics, we’ll doorstep their church.”
According to 40 Days for Life London director Robert Colquhoun this is what the pro death camp have on their website. 

“Want to oppose 40 Days for Life and their ilk a bit more vocally than our standard Sunday events*? This might be more up your street!
We’ll be out on Friday 30th March from 7pm until 8:30pm to have, well, a bit of a party. The fact that this happens to coincide with 40DFL’s big fancy prayer vigil is regrettable but unavoidable.”

This has done the rounds a bit and has certainly attracted the attention of a few other various Pro-Death groups and one in particular plans to make a real day of it. They even intend to disrupt Mass at Westminster Cathedral!

- more from the pro death camp website
“Meeting at Victoria Station platform 1 at 11am to march on noon service with the suggestion that people decamp to Bloomsbury Sq. after.”
“Simply put – if they doorstep abortion clinics, we’ll doorstep their church.”

According to 40 Days for Life London director Robert Colquhoun:
“We are now anticipating a pro-abortion counter-event of at least 300 people during the vigil on 30th March with Bishop Hopes at 6pm. Please encourage people to come along.  Trads and other Catholics are
Meeting at: 6pm outside Russell Square Tube station.
When: Friday 30th of March.
From there, we'll collectively make the short walk to Bedford Square to join the vigil.
Please make every effort to attend and please forward this on to as many people as you possibly can.