Author Topic: Americans are stupid - they deserve collapse, hyperinflation, slavery  (Read 383 times)

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There's a REASON why the Jews have been able to foist a Central Bank on all nations of the world, which they use to control us, determine our actions, and limit our power. They make virtual slaves out of us with their control of the money supply.

How could people be so stupid, you ask?

Well, just look at this! Not just one or two idiots, but a whole line of them, choosing a king size Hershey bar (retail value: $2) over a 10 oz. bar of silver (Retail value: $175)

Seriously, this is like taking candy (or rather money) from a baby! I could go up to a 4 year old, "Will you trade me this lousy piece of paper someone gave you in one of your birthday cards (with Andrew Jackson on it) for this delicious ice cream cone?" Of course the dumb kid is going to choose a $1 ice cream cone over a $20 bill.

Everyone understands, because he's a 4 year old! Of course he doesn't know the value of money. But adults not knowing that silver is worth $13 an ounce? It's never been lower than $5.50 an ounce in the past 40 years.

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