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Aboriginal Theologians
« on: August 13, 2014, 10:29:41 PM »
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  • Many of the questions put to me in these posts is what exactly would Aboriginal theology look like and i think these four indigenous theologians can far better answer the question.

    As you will note these are not Catholic theologians so their point of reference of course is scripture.  They believe we can separate Christianity from culture or the relationship and work of the Lord can be done outside of cultural homogeniety (sameness).  I think this is true, because as those protestant indigenous theologians do not question the scriptures, i think we can say the same thing as Indigenous Catholics and that is separate the parts of the church which are cutlural only, be more flexible with that (as the church has always been) and find indigenous ways for culture to enhance spiritual nourishment for aboriginal catholics.

    Let me know what you think fo this video.

    bruce ferguson


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