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  1. Salvation Question
  2. Minnesota county says keep your garbage
  3. We are being lied to
  4. Catholics high on drugs
  5. Introduce yourself!
  6. Please pray for Tom Nelson
  7. Any recommended textbooks on American and World history?
  8. Is the CMRI a sect?
  9. Thank you
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  11. Condemnation of Poche Errors and Formal Warning
  12. Trump's assassination of Soleimani is good
  13. Getting medals made/stamped
  14. Fasting orthodox
  15. The Two Lucys on modesty
  16. Typhoid epidemic (not gas) in Dachau
  17. Cardinal Zen implores brother Cardinals
  18. Against Jone’s “Moral” Theology
  19. Is it Wrong to Attack Fr. Jone's "Moral" Theology?
  20. Trump to withdraw troops in Iraq?
  21. Good news for a change
  22. Extreme Pain and Opioids
  23. Australian wildfires
  24. God bless Fr. John F. O'Connor, O.P.!
  25. Ham Radio
  26. Happy New Year
  27. CathInfo to go down briefly for maintenance
  28. Looking for a recent topic thread
  29. You realize this is the last day of the DECADE, right?
  30. I have an question about using our lord name
  31. St. Stephen exposed the jew's occult star
  32. Any Valid masses in NYC?
  33. Dec 29 St Thomas a Becket
  34. Top 35 Books on Amazon
  36. Mark79 has been un-banned
  37. Witness Unto the Truth (Christmas day sermon)
  38. The American Christmas Story (St. Benedict Center 1952)
  39. Blessed Christmas to all on CI
  40. Don't forget "The Lonely Jew on Christmas"
  41. Mark79 and I have come to an agreement
  42. Refuting iconoclasm + how do we know how Jesus looks like
  43. Pope Francis thinks we are too rigid
  44. Ban of Mark79
  45. Preparing Soul and Body for Christmas
  46. An ursine Christmas poem
  47. On Squirrels
  48. A Gregorian Christmas - on sale $3 each
  49. Apologies to anyone blocked from CathInfo by mistake
  50. file uploading website finally fixed!