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  1. Where is Trinity?
  2. How fitting: message to aliens beamed from ancient Pyramid
  3. Help me find a quote?
  4. Any lurkers reading this?
  5. Video on Peak Oil, 9/11 and the War on Terror
  6. How are Communism and Anarchism connected?
  7. Anyone believe mankind is evolving?
  8. Oceans threatened by modern lifestyle
  9. The world has gone mad
  10. Strange Coincidence
  11. How Rome reacted to its own 9/11
  12. Can I use a checking account for paypal?
  13. All hail Chesterbelloc!
  14. Important messsage from the Admin
  15. What happened to Campy?
  16. Proven by science: "No TV on school nights" better for kids
  17. Police State vs. raw milk
  18. Art teacher strips in front of class
  19. Sterilize bad moms and dads, councilman says
  20. New Fatima Radio
  21. Millionaires in the Making
  22. Evangelical Christians have a good old 'book burning'
  23. Worldly view of babies -- they're expensive
  24. Happy birthday, Veritatis
  25. Back from vacation
  26. Do as they say...
  27. Benedict tells Muslim leaders dialogue not an option, but a necessity
  28. A parent's license?
  29. Got this link via Novus Ordo watch
  30. Chief economist freaking out about coming recession
  31. Interesting...
  32. USA in for some VERY hard times
  33. Homes now have more TVs than people!
  34. Newest Apology to Muslims
  35. How shallow are we?
  36. Jewish rabbi calls for extermination of all Palestinian males
  37. Wikipedia Zionists Attack Honest Historian
  38. Muslims demand pope convert to Islam
  39. Pope Expresses 'Deep Respect' for Islam
  40. Vincible and Invincible Ignorance
  41. Anyone interested...
  42. Clinton's Governor's School
  43. I never even knew he left
  44. Greatest scam of all time
  45. Truth about inflation
  46. Realtor: We're in for a housing market crash
  47. 9/11 truth hero raided by SWAT team
  48. It's like a bad sci-fi movie!
  49. What do you all think??
  50. Warning Warning Warning