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  1. Long live the Confederacy!
  2. The Israel lobby: a danger to the world
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  6. Fr. Malachi Martin
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  8. Strong quake in Mexico
  9. Hi everyone! I see that 6 members are logged on
  10. ZIONISM In the Age of the DICTATORS:
  11. "The Jewish People and the Holy Scriptures in the Christian Bible,"
  12. Happy Birthday, Jonathan!
  13. Happy customer makes promo video for!
  14. Seems only the west believes in seperation of Church and State
  15. Lent is over -- time to celebrate (and post on Cathinfo!)
  16. Malaysian prime minister: "Jews run this world by proxy"
  17. Read this!
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  19. JPII already on patron saint index
  20. Solar panel breakthrough
  21. Ideas anyone?
  22. Democracy introduced by the Jews?
  23. The age of the world
  24. Will Vermont secede from the Union?
  25. Meaning of the # of cardinals?
  26. Welcome, HappyWife!
  27. Health costs in US - twice what other countries spend
  28. Whoever's to blame, it's happening...
  29. That "very important issue" again
  30. Interesting quote
  31. Where's Trinity?
  32. California's slums
  33. Gang mayhem grips L.A.
  34. Feminism bad for health
  35. Europe losing faith in the future
  36. Fairies
  37. Some good advice
  38. The Lost Science of Money Speech
  39. "They hate us for our freedom"
  40. Plenary Indulgences (a tough ?)
  41. The dark side of the 'Forever Stamp'
  42. Record number of news stories with "Shortage" in them
  43. Britain in Sin
  44. For what it's worth -- news from California
  45. Interesting quote
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  48. Pinoy, food question
  49. Anyone work in computers?
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