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  1. Help me do justice
  2. Chimp-kind
  3. I like this one!
  4. Water Crystal Phenomenon
  5. Lenin on gun control
  6. Muslims have more common sense than "Christians"
  7. Welcome Hazmat!
  8. When is El Campy...
  9. They can beam audio DIRECTLY INTO YOUR HEAD now!
  10. You see, it all makes sense
  11. The Liturgical Year
  12. Haydock Bible
  13. I can eat at KFC again!
  14. Notice how so many SUVs have one passenger?
  15. Looking for Online Latin Vulgate
  16. Looking for Catholic Translation of the Septuagint online
  17. What's happening in heaven?
  18. If we only had one of these again!
  19. Timeline of pet food poisoning
  20. Welcome Caritas!
  21. Man builds house the size of a walk-in closet
  22. I don't know what to make of this
  23. Fire ants -- fascinating
  24. More Danger From the Greenies
  25. Propaganda from CNN 4-27-07
  26. What the World has done to some people
  27. LOL - Get a load of this!
  28. Personal damage report
  29. Audio of rosary in latin
  30. The Flood
  31. Rising anti-Semitism in Israel meets state's blind eye
  32. Homeless To Harvard
  33. Breakthrough wind power -- only $250!
  34. The demonic horror of Latin
  35. Dumb notes from parents
  36. Welcome xcordeeclesiae!
  37. Satanism tonight?
  38. Bishop Willliamson - What is Going Wrong with Our Children?
  39. Talk about creepy!
  40. Gunman sent package to NBC News
  41. A few things about media coverage
  42. One man's research on Virginia Tech shooting
  43. Threats Rattle Schools in 7 States
  44. Welcome Semptertraditio!
  45. 21 dead in college shooting
  46. Any news?
  47. Glad I don't have a TV
  48. Flooding, tornadoes, power outages, and death
  49. Long live the Confederacy!
  50. The Israel lobby: a danger to the world