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  1. Ron Paul's voting record.
  2. Canada on our Tyrannical Gov't and Ron Paul
  3. Little School of Horrors
  4. American society geared toward girls
  5. Ron Paul RNC Participation Petition
  6. 27 buildings on 104 acres is an OCCUPATION not an embassy
  7. Ron Paul on U.S. Foreign Policy - Recent Debate
  8. Our Senators and You
  9. Guards at a critical low
  11. Massachussetts electrical grid might explode this summer
  12. San Francisco already has $4.50 gas!
  13. Ron Paul is running for President
  14. US Gov't seizes gold, forces E-gold redemptions
  15. Modern world and leisure
  16. VERY messed-up dairy industry
  17. 6 charged in plot to attack Army
  18. Amnesty International blasted for pro-abortion stance
  19. New copper Liberty Dollar
  20. Pope canonizes 1st Brazilian-born saint
  21. Funny jokes
  22. Who is dumb now?
  23. Tornado, Greensburg, KS
  24. Cathinfo is having a nationwide impact!
  25. More dumb mistakes in mainstream media
  26. 4 hour workweek
  27. French Elections
  28. Help me do justice
  29. Chimp-kind
  30. I like this one!
  31. Water Crystal Phenomenon
  32. Lenin on gun control
  33. Muslims have more common sense than "Christians"
  34. Welcome Hazmat!
  35. When is El Campy...
  36. They can beam audio DIRECTLY INTO YOUR HEAD now!
  37. You see, it all makes sense
  38. The Liturgical Year
  39. Haydock Bible
  40. I can eat at KFC again!
  41. Notice how so many SUVs have one passenger?
  42. Looking for Online Latin Vulgate
  43. Looking for Catholic Translation of the Septuagint online
  44. What's happening in heaven?
  45. If we only had one of these again!
  46. Timeline of pet food poisoning
  47. Welcome Caritas!
  48. Man builds house the size of a walk-in closet
  49. I don't know what to make of this
  50. Fire ants -- fascinating