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  1. IMPORTANT: Vatican to be attacked by Muslims
  2. Moon/ Earth/ Sun Relationship.
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  8. Winter 2007-08, as Predicted via John Leary
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  19. A Green Antichrist?
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  21. Evangelicals take top spot
  22. HUMOR: Definition of various tools
  23. Canadian Catholic magazine before kangaroo court
  24. Onward Towards World Government
  25. God's pharmacy
  26. More Black On White Slaughter
  27. USCCB: "Koran is the word of God"
  28. Easter earlier this year than any Easter 1914 - 2227
  29. A word from Ron Paul
  30. April 25th - keep your kids home
  31. I won't be voting this November
  32. Classy insults
  33. Churches Stolen by Schismatics
  34. Welcome, Jolanta!
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  36. Your username and avatar
  37. Help the Church in Zimbabwe
  38. Close to a biblical plague
  39. Mc Cain
  40. The most important thing to do, aside from praying
  42. Anne de Guigne
  43. Pseudonyms (False names)
  44. Ricin found in Las Vegas motel
  45. Purgatory
  46. Thru a rapist's eyes
  47. Apology to gladius_veritatis and four_marks
  48. Loss of wind power in Texas causes grid emergency
  49. Free energy from human waste
  50. Dumb robbers try to rob bikers