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  2. Welcome, Dennis from Oregon
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  11. What War Really Looks Like
  12. Welcome Seeker and Gemma!
  13. Soda causes obesity
  14. The Starbucks oracle
  15. Great-grandma arrested, bloodied for having brown lawn
  16. Hey, everyone...
  17. Airline Tells Woman Her Outfit Too Skimpy
  18. Happy Birthday, HappyWife!
  19. That's odd
  20. Save gas and money
  21. 3 years in prison for killing a dog?
  22. TV taught burglar
  23. Most Catholics are going to Hell
  24. I admire his steadfastness
  25. Happy Birthday, OLC06 !
  26. Monarchy in Russia?
  27. Lewis' Answer to Subjective Truth
  28. Fancy, Frilly, and Flamboyant!
  29. Want to hear some real music?
  30. Anyone out there...
  31. Southwest makes 2nd woman cover up
  32. Welcome maymar!
  33. Demands of a Coptic Priest
  34. Welcome, Christn!
  35. What will you do on 9/11 of 2007?
  36. Make a baby, win a car
  37. Gorilla's "art" sold in eBay
  38. Couple in mortgage trouble start a Brothel
  39. A Joke
  40. Register problem fixed -- again!
  41. In the air...
  42. Joke for today
  43. Check It Out Dude
  44. Do you think I'm nuts?
  45. Days of cheap food are over
  46. Gay couple left free to abuse boys
  47. This slays me
  48. Babies vs. Chimps -- who's smarter?
  49. R.I.P. Luciano Pavarotti
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