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  1. Apology to gladius_veritatis and four_marks
  2. Loss of wind power in Texas causes grid emergency
  3. Free energy from human waste
  4. Dumb robbers try to rob bikers
  5. Liberals are clinically insane
  6. 10% of Americans are former Catholics
  7. Massive power outage hits Florida
  8. How to hold a rosary rally
  9. Editing profiles
  10. Manners in conversation (1800s)
  11. Catholic priest converts to Islam
  12. Learn something new every day
  13. Pastor v XXXVIII & XL
  14. Student punished for opposing homosexual adoption
  15. Huge waves frozen in mid-air!
  16. Most bizarre experiments of all time
  17. Albigensian Heresy
  18. Homeowners Associations -- AVOID THEM! Read on...
  19. DOW is down 6.66% for the year!
  20. Baptismal Day
  21. Poor Haitians eating dirt
  22. Is Obama a messianic figure?
  23. Cardinal Rampolla
  24. transvestite awards at NO parish
  25. Electrical wiring, etc. disrupts body's cell processes
  26. Why obesity causes higher risk for diabetes
  27. 17 ways to a more relaxing workday
  28. Onepeoplesproject
  29. Register now -- sign up!
  30. For those trying to Register...
  32. Look at this fishy chart
  33. Largest meat recall in US history
  34. In the "If you care" department
  35. 19 Great Reference Websites
  36. Announcement - Vandaler, hacking, banning, etc.
  37. Vandaler got his wish
  38. PM function temporarily disabled
  39. New CathInfo features!
  40. Working on completing software upgrade
  41. Precocious kids
  42. Banning people on CathInfo
  43. Death From Poisoned Chinese Medications
  44. OH NO department - Iran to open Oil Bourse this Sunday
  45. Hot debates on Cathinfo
  46. From the horse's mouth
  47. Military to shoot down satellite
  48. Top 10 healthy "superfoods"
  49. Think English is easy?
  50. Feminist at the end of her rope