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  8. Happy Birthday Katara of Shimabara!!
  9. Family spied on using anti-terrorist laws- for applying to school!
  10. Mumps makes comeback -- DESPITE VACCINE
  11. Ministry of Truth
  12. Wow -- we're really in for it
  13. Dangerous animal virus on US mainland?
  14. Good-guy hackers could have brought down Power Grid
  15. Some New Books
  16. Catholic Funeral ripoffs!
  17. New CathInfo Feature -- Country now displayed below your avatar!
  18. U.S. Church is dying
  19. New York Times: Survivalism not just for nuts anymore
  20. Artificial food coloring -- as damaging as lead for the brain
  21. Funny picture of sheep watching TV
  22. Finding My Way in the Catholic Church After Twenty Years.
  23. Another solution to energy crisis
  24. SSPX, priestly celibacy
  25. Vatican "total opposition to proselytizing"
  26. Soldiers denied Latin Mass by the Military Archdiocese!
  27. Muslims force schools to abandon anti-homophobia storybooks.
  28. Unam Sanctam
  29. Brownie points
  30. human-animal embryos created by British team
  31. I have an mportant announcement
  32. Mobile phones more dangerous than smoking
  33. Welcome, Edwin!
  34. Must read for cell phone users!
  35. UGC bishops consecrated without Romes approval!!!
  36. Cardinals of Roman Church
  37. Looking to buy something?
  38. Mothering
  39. Quotable Quotes
  40. Animal euthanasia
  41. A Few thoughts on Mary and the Great Cloud of Witnesses.
  42. How pope might influence US election
  43. MSG is in MOST fast-food and packaged foods!
  44. Sorry
  45. Pious dog
  46. Migrant labor shortage crushes tomato farm
  47. This false prophet is something else!
  48. IMPORTANT: Vatican to be attacked by Muslims
  49. Moon/ Earth/ Sun Relationship.
  50. Obama, "emissary of the devil"